toking. America's least favorite passtime?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by xero_gravity, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. As i sit here very stoned i was thinking... Why does America hate ganja so much? I mean it not as harmfull as ciggarettes and alcohol yet both are legal with age restrictions. Some call it a gateway drug, well, i remember my first cigarrette got me light-headed and dizzy. I enjoyed it so i continued to smoke. I wanted more so i started smoking herb. So in my case cigarettes were a gateway drug.
    So, why did the government make herb illegal? Herb and hemp have many valuable uses. Hemp can be used as fuel, to make paper and clothes. The seed is even the second most complete protein other than soy and is easier for the body to digest. Marijuana has many medical uses most of which everybody already knows.
    The reason it is not legal is of course for monetary purposes. The major oil and paper/clothing companies paid millions to have the drug "researched" and declared dangerous however none of these experiments were ever backed up with any proof. They also paid millions to have movies made to depict marijuana as a drug that intices psychotic behaviors. ie. reefer maddness a very funny movie.
    That's my rant if if you have read this far i thank you. My statements may or may not be true but they are my hypothythis. Once again i thank you for your time.
    Peace and Love
  2. I agree that ganja is hated and that the real reason is for monetary purposes. I got a lot out of reading "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer. That book opened my eyes and turned light bulbs on in my head.

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  4. I really think the american public is getting softer on the marijuana issue. I also think the government is doing all it can to re-instill that fear/hatred they originally created decades ago with such propaganda as "Devil's Harvest," "Reefer Madness," "Marihuana," etc...

    As hard as it is to believe, there are people out there who still believe what television tells you. So there are people, yes, ignorant enough, to take the Partnership for a Drug-Free America's opinion on marijuana and not go any further into detail to realize that there might, perhaps, be something this "partnership" is failing to tell you. For instance, the many medicinal and psychological benefits a person can obtain from the usage of marijuana. Or that perhaps, the Partnership makes up its own statistics, or blatantly lies to the public. So yes, while the government is doing it's best to make Americans hate marijuana...

    Hollywood is doing a DAMN fine job softening marijuana's image. If you watch sitcoms, there are more references to marijuana than there ever has been before. That '70s Show includes a segment where the kids are in Foreman's basement, sitting in a circle smoking pot ~ and Chong is now a regular on the show. Titus dealt with the issue of pot on a handful of occasions, even one of the main characters a pothead. Grounded for Life has many references to pot, where 2 parents struggle with their 3 outrageous kids, they reminisce of the times they partook. And these are just 3 to start with, on just ONE network. Marijuana is becoming America's stepchild they are becoming to accept, and realize isn't so heinous afterall.

    I may sound optomistic, but how did California, 6 years ago, vote as a MAJORITY to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, if people thought marijuana is too evil for humans to handle? And Oregon, and the list goes on?
    We've come a long way, and I think marijuana is the skeleton in MORE closets than we'll ever know. I think it's more accepted in the US of A now than it was, say 30 years ago.

    The government is the only mechanism that is setting back the legalization of marijuana ~ the politics surrounding drugs is so controversial in this country that marijuana has become, in a sense, a victim of politics.
  5. Nice summation of the key issues. Hey, what network are those shows on that have characters smoking pot? I'd like to check them out.

    You give me hope that there is a softening by the public towards pot, at least for the medical users.
  6. lol thats tottaly ~fox~ right there god i love those shows especially that 70's show... great point ganjaphish u put it so articulately but theres always more to be said and well eventually it will all be out in tha open feel me? im not down with the staying incognito inconspicuous crap cause ur just feeding into the medias crap i let it be known where ever i go its all about cannabis not just weed but the idea that that oppresive shit is still around what happened to socialism man theyre tottaly controlling us man we need to liberate everyones mind !!!!!!!!!! well im just letting u guys kno wassup in general to be frank....

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  7. HighAztec I feel ya 100%, there is always more to be said and we are never heard enough.

    Spencer FOX is the network these shows are on. I noticed even "Friends" has more & more marijuana references, which is also a big plus.

    If we keep optomistic, our goal may be closer than we think! The more exposure the general public has to "normal" marijuana users (as opposed to the typical "stoner" stereotype) the less marijuana is deemed evil. Support your favorite herb, wear your NORML shirt to the grocery store today!
    You can't be arrested because of it.

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