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Toking Alone

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TaylorMcKilla, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hey, quick question from a new toker. Just got in to smoking the past month cause I tried it at a party and I was wondering what you guys thought about smoking alone. I don't have ANY stoner friends so when I do smoke I have to smoke alone and it helps me think a bunch. I'm also worried about finding someone to smoke with because I get really strange, I think. Or just sit there and draw and listen to music.
  2. I smoke a lot by myself too...I usually get online and talk to people online or play multiplayer games, it makes the experience feel a lot more social.
  3. smokin alone is fun and smoking in groups is fun too. Dont worry about what you look/sound/act like when your high. Your bros will understand because they will be high too. Dont be so serious and just have fun with your high, everybodys high is differnt and most reasonable stoners will know this and not care if you act a little sketched out.
  4. I smoke alone like 95% of the time(weekly, sometimes bi-wekly). i smoke in my room(well vape in my room) and hang with the bros after. its kind of a personal experience to me. like the act of smoking. but i get really social when im high.
  5. About 90% of my toking is by myself. It's great to just chill out and think while I'm stoned. But I also really enjoy social smoking if it's a good group. When you tell yourself that you're being strange that just makes the situation worse imo. Don't over think things and just be yourself. How you act high is going to be different then how you act sober especially since you haven't been burning very long. Over time it will feel much more natural to you, just go with the flow and enjoy yourself.
  6. i smoke alone alot.

    i perfer it since half my friends are retards when high
  7. smoking alone is great once and a while because it allows you to have "me time" whilst enjoying where the high takes you. i find that when im high alone i listen to a lot of music and it sets me at ease. but like others have said, smoking with your buddies is a good way to bond and strengthen relationships, all while laughing and bullshitting...and cooking if you will.:smoking:
  8. yah thats another reason i like to smoke alone

    i just let my mind run free lol
  9. I think as long as you don't miss positive social experiences smoking alone can be great!

    I toke solo regularly when playing video games, reading, hiking, or a bunch of other activities.
  10. i smoke alone half the time when its my weed but the other half of the time my friends supply it so they share
    smoking alone aint bad gives you time to be alone and just be chill

    but when your wit your friends its like you can just be stopid and have fun wit them

    if you ever smoke wit others try smoking wit people you feel comfortable in being yourself

    gettin high and enjoying MJ can be done alone and in peace :smoking:
  11. smoke alone during the week, smoke with buds on the weekends. Works great for me
  12. Damn, so far in my life I've never really smoked alone. Thing is, I'm 21 and still live at home lol (before anyone says anything, my GF and I are moving out together in less than 2 months...).

    Anyways, we keep all of our smoking shit at my GF's place, so I never have access to it unless I'm with I guess that's why I've never really smoked alone.

    I'm sure once we move out I'll do it more often since I'll have access to it 24/7, especially if she's at work or something and I'm just chilling.

    But yeah, some of my most memorable times have been smoking with my closest friends.
  13. Up until recently I rarely rarely ever smoked with anyone else but I enjoy it either way
  14. i smoke alone 99% of the time i space out alot and enjoy music but it can get boring so i get online talk to online friends or play mw2 lol cant play to well stoned tho lol =] i am also really new to the world of mary jane about 8 months into my smoking

    just have fun with it no one will think you are wierd if anything the wierd ones are always the funnest ones to smoke up with =] (trust me i know i was the wierd one alot) and yea i got into it at a party to gooood times
  15. smoking alone can be awesome, i use it as a way 2 pass the time, smoking with friends is amazingly fun, most fun i've ever had in my life has been just me and some friends smoking each other out, n dont worry about how ya act, try yer best 2 keep it together but your high man, course yer gonna act weird, and at very worse you'll just end up being funny and getting laughed at :smoking:
  16. for sure man what southparkstoner said

    just have fun with it :smoking:

    (small tip if you do use a 360 or ps3 do NOT keep a water pipe next to it i did an ended up fucking my 360 up):hello::devious:
  17. I smoke alone frequently, and there's nothing wrong with it. But you should try and find some smoking friends, just to have that camaraderie and what not. But smoking alone is great. :smoking:

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