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toking after a workout

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Soldagram, May 12, 2011.

  1. Soooo good, you get the endorphins and the cannabis high blended together. :smoke:
    almost, if not better, than a wake and bake high :D
  2. Do this every weekday. And yes, it's fuckin bomb. Yesterday, I pulled a straight up stoner tho and got so high I couldn't do my back workout. Gonna have to go into saturday this week :smoke:
  3. haha that was me yesterday, oddly enough i couldn't do my back workout either
  4. i love taking long runs, showering, and toking with the buds (no pun intended).
  5. I always smoke up after a long run, averaging about 5 miles a day
  6. If you're not bull-shiting, that's impressive.

    I jog five days a week. I just started this week so I've only been doing 5km. I hope to get up to around 8-9km (5 miles) soon though.
  7. Yes man I love toking after workouts. Swimming is the best to burn after for sure, we use to have practice at 530 am and swim around 2500-3000 yards. We used to get soooo baked after those practices then go to school.
  8. I usually smoke a bowl or two before I hit the track (run about 2 miles every other day) and after :D
  9. I run 2-3 miles then come home, cold shower and then smoke a bowl or two.
  10. Wow I've always wondered if runners toked. Guess I got my answer haha. That's pretty crazy tho does the decreased lung capacity for O2 affect you guys at all?
  11. nah if you run a lot it really doesn't affect you, i know lot's of soccer players (myself included) that toke constantly and we run like 8 miles a game lol

  12. try running, smoking, then showering instead of your order.
  13. lots of people feel like showers kill their buzz, and personally i hate toking up all sweaty... i always shower after a workout before lighting up

  14. O yea I got a homie who's a soccer player/daily user and just realized he must run a lot too. That's pretty cool you can be an avid smoker and still have great performance in cardio. I wouldn't know though I just lift weights. :cool:
  15. yeah haha just think of michael phelps

  16. Exactly. And Schwarzenegger haha his weed pic is all over this site on everyones avatars.
  17. i always do this. usually not immediately after, but later in the day. being tired, and sore constantly takes a toll on your body, and thanks to marijuana, my life quality is increased when im in the most pain....

  18. No I'm not bs'ing you. Believe it or not 5 miles a day is far from difficult for me. I run 6 days a week. I probably could be running more but I think 5 is good for now. When you run for a few years your lungs get conditioned so well that running 5 miles for me is as easy as you running a mile (assuming that's easy for you). It's just something habitual that has become second nature to me.

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