Toking a joint/blunt makes me wanna puke

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  1. I've been smoking weed for quite a bit now, and like most people I guess, my first time involved a poorly rolled joint, mixed with tobacco.

    As time went on, I started discovering new methods, like bongs, pipes, etc. I first bought a small wooden pipe, which was great, but I still found myself rolling joints instead.

    Anyway, more recently, I have found that I just despise smoking joints. Even if I roll with pure weed, and don't mix with tobacco, everytime I take a drag, I suddenly gip, and feel like I need to be sick. I'm fine when I - Rarely - smoke ciggarettes, but a joint just isn't nice to toke. Anyone else find this true?

    I'd use a water pipe, or a glass piece, but I havn't had the money to order one as of yet, and I often smoke away from home, so pieces are just too inconvenient to take on a bus or whatever. I like making my own bongs', but sometimes homemade pieces are just nasty to smoke, espeically when I can never find something decent to use as a bowl.

    Know of any ways to make smoking a joint or blunt a little nicer? I want to enjoy smoking weed, as well as enjoying the high it gives.

  2. Maybe its just the rolling of the joint or blunt. Try a joint roller or just find someone that can roll a tight blunt. Blunts are a wonderful thing to smoke and u shouldn't be missing out on them.
  3. Ya son blunts rule but for you I'd suggest a one hitter pipe
  4. Could be all in your head man, you could be telling yourself everytime you hit that joint that your gong to gauge and be sick.. But invest in a vaporizer, or get a little one-hitter bong.. (preferably glass, not plastic) and youll be on your way to getting lifted in no time friend, toke on.!! :smoke:
  5. I've been the same recently as well dude, ever since I smoked pure in Amsterdam I can't hack joints with tobacco too well. I'd recommend a small glass spoon (pipe) to use on the move and maybe a bong or bubbler at home. A glass pipe would fit easily in a jacket pocket. I know headshops aren't great here in the UK, but getting hold of one shouldn't be too hard.

    As for making joints nicer... try mixing with a herbal smoking blend? They don't float my boat but some people like them. Either that or try flavoured papers or blunt papers, or, if it's the quality of rolling buy a pack of pre-rolled cones. If none of the above work... I'm out of ideas.
  6. Thanks for replies.

    I think you're right, I do automatically assume that the joint I toke is gonna be real bad, because usually, it is. Here's a picture of a joint I just rolled, to show you how tight it is. It isn't the best, but it isn't that bad either. Surely this would be nice and smooth to smoke? Maybe it's just me, but it isn't.



    Here are the blunt wraps I use, which taste disgusting (This one is blueberry flavour) and it was horrible to smoke, I can't even describe how bad :(

  7. Dude that joint looks fine but judging from the darkness you used quite a lot of tobacco? Try reducing the percentage if you have reasonably dry buds, maybe 75% bud to 25% tobacco even. Just roll smaller instead of using more weed. As for blunts... never had a bad experience with the juicy jay ones if you can get them around you.
  8. do you smoke cigarettes? a low tolerance to nicotine and weed can make you feel nauseous. in combination with a couple beers it's made me puke in the past.
  9. Yeah, there is about a 50/50 mix in there, not as much as I wanted when rolling that one, but ah well.. :p

    I smoke cigs occasionally (I'd say... 10 a week, max) and I use the same brand I smoke, in the Spliff. It isn't getting high that is making me gip, it's everytime I take a draw on a Joint or Blunt. When using a bong or pipe, I'm fine.

    I'll try a different brand of Blunt wraps, and use less tobacco next time : ) But I even find pure weed tastes kinda... stale when in a joint, but maybe that's just because I am also smoking paper -.-

    Thanks for the advice :smoke:
  10. true, joints don't taste as nice as pure bud through glass. you should use as little tobacco as possible. personally, i just don't smoke joints unless they're rolled pure. i can only appreciate tobacco in a blunt or a cigar.
  11. Try using rolling tobaccoo instead of tobaccoo from cigarettes.
  12. ive never heard of people puttin tobacco in their jays until i joined this site, thats gross.. i'd use only weed man. Maybe try those hemp papers.
  13. I feel the same way. I personally don't like hitting joints or blunts nearly as much as my bowl or bong. I also feel when smoking a blunt I can't take a big hit or else I cough terribly or feel like puking. I have been smoking for over a year now, so I would call myself a fairly experience smoker. I started smoking on a piece so it was quite sometime into my smoking experiences that I got into blunts and joints. I wonder if I'm not as fond of blunts and joints because I started on pieces. What did you start smoking on? I know I smoke on this guy almost every time and he always gets me blazed! :smoke:[​IMG]
  14. Hey Shu1tzy,

    I started on joints, because I live in the UK - Joints are so much more popular than blunts, pipes and bongs. (Where I am from anyway)

    It wasn't so bad back then, but only because I didn't really care, I just wanted to get blazed, and half the time, I was also drinking alcohol, so didn't really care what I was hitting. Now I've grown older, and started to smoke my own weed, roll my own joints etc, and started to care about how nice the smoke is, I realised that smoking joints really isn't that nice, and I would give ANYTHING to own my own glass piece - The only problem is 1. Storage - I still live with my 'rents, and one of them doesn't know I smoke yet, and 2. They're bloody expensive :p

    EDIT: After giving stuff some though, I decided to try make my own water bong. I'll put some pics up soon, when I finish it. Hope it hits well :p
  15. If you actually care about the taste of cannabis smoke, go for the vapor route. Not only is smoking a disgusting habit for your lungs, but you are missing out on the full flavors and aromas that vaporization offers.

    It cuts your cannabis consumption by a lot. Cut mine to about 1/6 of what I usually smoked. Saves money in the long run and you don't need to cut it with tobacco or any other fillers.
  16. To be fair, I got a small glass spoon for about £5 from my local shop. Not that expensive.

    Good luck with making your bong... remember; no tin foil or heated plastic!

  17. Wow, that's hella cheap! Gonna check out my local one in town, see how much I can get one for. :)

    Thanks, I'll need it :p

    Anyway, speaking of which, I have a piece of metal which is absolutley perfect for a bowl, BUT, I'll need a downstem (Right word?). Can you suggest something decent to use, apart from the plastic tube of a pen? I guess I could use a metal pen tube, but I don't have one at the moment. Might see if a headshop in town will sell just a downtube on it's own.

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