tokin when sick

Discussion in 'General' started by stevooo123, May 6, 2011.

  1. these two just dont mix very well

    i thought my allergies were botherin me with all this pollen flyin around so i kept smokin but now i think im just sick, and i still kept smokin and now i have like this never ending cough.
  2. Do you have to smoke?...
  3. no, im not even a big smoker, just lately i was smokin more than usaul and i happened to be kinda sick. so now im stoppin till i fell 100%, or atleast im gonna try, it hard when you hang out with big stoners
  4. Say no thanks bro, or tell them you gotta have some alone time until your better.
  5. ya , i know i do it all the time, cause they smoke like way to much and i dont want to be like stoned all day. cause i got to get shit done and plus thats just not me. im sayin like i have this feelin that im just gonna be like "fuck it" you know what i mean
  6. I feel ya. Just let em know then. I'm sure they'll understand.
  7. lol with my smoking circle, if one of us is sick, we all fucking get sick cuz we smoke weed everydamn day!

    i mean that crazy annoying cough that comes around everyyear that starts out with one person, within a week, everyone has it, or the ppl that had it are getting over it while everyone else gets it. haha sharing bongs and blunts and shit. we would get healthy if we'd just stop smoking for a few days, maybe pop some tylonols or something...... but fuck that noise :smoke:
  8. thats weird. everytime i smoke when im sick, i dont feel sick anymore?

    i need me a medical marijuana card..
  9. Ya smoking while sick doesent work for me either, even vaping. A brownie wasn't as bad, just made me MAD TIRED.

    Tell them your good on smoking, they'll understand as friends I hope :wave:

    Get better blade
  10. ya most of my time i chill with my cousins and they dont care if i smoke or not. they dont try to push it or anything
  11. I would smoke a strong indica to help me sleep through the night I had a cold since having a stuffy nose would prevent me from sleeping.

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