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Tokin' RIGHT NOW......

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thisismattwade, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. I type this in my dorm. Wanna hit?
  2. yeah i do, i got to stay home from school today cause of gun threast at my school and several lockers found with pipes, and all diffrent kind of weapons. i was like yo ma, lemme stay home n shes like ok, since ur doin well in schoool. i was like hal ya, then i realized i had no bud, but im waitin for every1 to get outta school and tonight should be a gr8 night.
  3. I wish I had more of this stuff...I'm sooooo good right now. OH CRAP!!! I gotta go to class in 15 minutes. Awesome. Class is so fun when you're stoned. See ya'll.

  4. class is class.....wheather your baked or not... still stuck there.... still learing....The only reason i smoke before class.... is because i think more openly..... and chat like hell.... basically it keeps me from walking out a half an hr into it...:D

    my classes are just really boaring this semester.... manily philosiphy and music appreciation... i love the other 3.
  5. wow this morning i did the same thing... but i don't go to school ever

    just smoke :)
  6. me to im smoking out of my new bong i got today... i got a new slide in it than in the picture tho..

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  7. How much did that bong run you?
  8. this dude comes to the flea market in nashville, TN cool guy, comes once a month has tons of bongs that one was 135 i got one today that was 175 and the dude with the pics on his phone i told him to take for this! got arrested like 30 min ago and texted me and told me so im dissappointed i dont have those pics but ya... im tokin right now btw... thats weird
  9. beautiful bong!:)
  10. i smoke everyday at collage and our teachers are sort of allright with it. we come back from break red as hell but we seem to have more fun that way. keep on the good bud people. i just had some real nice home-grown. strong as hell made me buzz for hours. too damn right.

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