Tokin in a limo?

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  1. Hey everybody looking for a little input.
    A group of my friends n I picked up Jay-Z tickets for his london ont. concert and my parents think it would be a good idea if we took a limo for the 1 hour drive, instead of me driving everyone. They know us too well and know that everyone will be drinking, and think its unfair I cant drink.
    Obviously we want to blaze pretty much the whole way there and of course before we go in. SO, have any of you blazed in a limo? Is it frowned upon, or do they just take the money and not care what goes on in the back?

    Personally, I think it'd be awesome if we could roll up to Jay-Z and step out of a limo, but im not willing to give up tokin for it.
  2. I think you could end up getting kicked out on your ass. Or in a cell.

    The limo driver doesn't want to get stopped with a load of kids smoking up in the back. Think about it.
  3. Man, that idea doesn't fly.

    Maybe if you have a vaporizer or something. A small, portable one at that. Or bake some edibles for the ride down.

    I'm in London by the way. Have fun here. LOL.
  4. Yeah I don't think that idea is going to work. Either toke up before going to the concert or make some brownies or something.
  5. Get in the limo - hand the guy a $20, say "Here ya go, Have a good one.", and close the privacy partition.

    Limo's rarely get pulled over. Generally the drivers are CDL holders and obey all traffic laws, and are hired as designated drivers. Besides getting pulled over in a limo means more than just a ticket, they could get fired!
    Their only concern is if you start destroying the limo, or do something that could get yourself hurt or killed, like hanging out the sun roof or doors. Otherwise its their job to drive. Thats its.
    Make sure you dont get a designated Non smoking limo either. That could cause a problem. Otherwise Have a great time!!!!
  6. Make sure you get a smokers limo, and put down all the windows you can. If i were you i'd roll joints, that way you can try to play it off as a cigarette. :smoking:
  7. Yeah man you'll be good ive smoked in a limo before. We had the screen up but before we were getting wasted with the screen down and he was cool. And we were all around 18 at the time
  8. If you guys got pulled over the limo driver could go to jail, along with all of you. So if he found out, he'd probably throw you out right where you are.

    Bake some edibles dude. Joints might work, but its still gunna smell the whole place up.
  9. not necessarily. from personal experience, a friend of mine rented a party bus for her 21st birthday, the driver was cool as shit, he didn't care that the majority of people on the bus were underage drinking, and he said no smoking cigarettes please because the smell lingers on the bus "however, if there's any green on the bus, don't be scared to light up" I think he even hinted that if we did he'd like a hit. Wasn't prepared for that being an option so no one had any anyways, but I think it depends on the driver and their views on toking.:wave::smoking:
  10. I probably would not toke up in a limo but if I every REALLY wanted to I would do this. Ask the driver if it is his limo or are just a driver, you would be suprised how many limo drivers are actual owners. If it is the owner forget about it. If it is an employee I would go for it.

  11. Hahaha holy shit I would have definitely let him take a few hits if he was that cool :p
  12. haha yeah, in retrospect I wish I had a j rolled or something with me but oh well. I actually think they saved the guys name and number on his business card, might have to hunt him down for another special occasion

  13. Definitely do that! I love meeting people down with the herb. Especially older people since it's rare.
  14. yeah now that I think about it he was probably in his 40's or 50's. Definitely the coolest bus driver I've ever met
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    Just ask the guy in a joking way. Be like hey man we're gonna burn a joint you want a hit?? and see how he reacts, he'll most likely decline smoking, since he's on the job, but he might be like "oh no thanks you guys enjoy though" or be like "what!? your not smoking any devil's seed marijuana in my limo!!" and you can just smile and be like "ahh I'm just messing with ya man, we don't do that shit, but how bout some cocaine? *smile like your fuckin around again*". Perhaps drink a bit before you even get in the limo, so that you smell like alcohol a little, in which case making jokes like that wouldn't really make him think nothing of it

    He can't kick you out for making a joke, and if the driver is cool with you smoking, then he's not gonna even make a deal out of it ya know?
  16. In Vegas I had a limo driver offer to sell me bud when I told him I was from Vancouver lol
  17. qft
    best way to approach it imo
  18. lol well in that case........:p
  19. Don't get a non-smoking limo as someone else said, and PRE-TIP your driver. Something more than a measly $20
  20. my senior prom we blazed in the limo, we even asked the driver to take us to one of our favorite spots atop a hill to blaze and he did. Just talk to them in advance i think most are cool with it tho

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