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tokin before school

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Garcia76, Jan 13, 2004.


tokin before school

  1. hell yeah

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  2. naw man

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  1. tokin fore school. man gotta go in 2 hours early because its the only time i can get a ride. but tokin a bowl now atleast i get to start the day off right. who else likes to toke before school
  2. I'm out of college now, but when I was in high school I would try never to smoke before school. I couldn't learn anything while high, and that defeated the whole purpose of school. (Well, actually I only went because they made me, but I figured that as long as I had to go I might as well learn something.)
  3. it be very good i tell thee
  4. i said yeah but it really depends on what class...for my studio class from 1-5 i never toke before, but others i would
  5. Ya, Im actually high at school(university) as I type this. I only do it once in awhile, and not if I have tests the class right after. Its good though, makes the day much more enjoyable.

    Its all about the wake n bake. I find that if I wake up and go get stoned right away as ine wake up, take a piss, pack a small bowl and smoke it right away, I get really stoned off a minimal amount of weed. I dunno why, but its always like this, I love it.
  6. Luke, you've never toked before school :p
  7. i never liked it, because i could never do anything interesting with the high.
  8. I have about 45min to an hour before school starts when i usually get there, so that i can get my parking space... Then my first class is horticulture which is the most retarded fucking class ever. We havent done anything in that class all year, and its such a waste. But i have a 100% in it, so it helps my GPA. I always get baked when i can before school. That way i can mess around with friends high, before school starts, and then pass out in horticulture...
  9. It makes school a tollerable place :)

    I hated school. It was kinda cool though...
  10. Math is fun.....when your blown out.

  11. Yea I totally agree. I remember hating high school; starts early, class sucks, teachers suck, many students suck, ends late etc.

    But now when I think back about high school all I can remember is having fun breaking the rules and not getting caught. Damn all the times we smoked and in all the different places.

    I toked before, during, and after! I owe most of the good times to mj.
  12. hell yeah man!

    espescially on thursdays when i have business studies. man the lecturer is better than sleeping pills. so i need weed to make it a bit more interesting
  13. When I was in high school, I went to school a couple of times high.

    I thought it was pretty fun, but I didn't pay attention to the teacher...just payed attention to the trees swaying back and forth out the window. heh.
  14. leaving school during lunch (not allowed) and smoking every day is like a game.... i love it.
    i have graphics class for 2 hours so i get blazed and its a lot more fun to watch a printing press
  15. u are wrong i have How would you know ne way. geez !
  16. i always found weed made me WAY better in school. not in math... but math was always hard. Science English and Socials, if i went in stoned, i could normally finish the whole class worth of work in 20 minutes. No matter what it was.

    i dont know why, but when i was baked, i just knew the answers. i usually didnt even read the hand outs, i could just answer them... it was odd, but cool ;)

    but i didnt go to school baked too often, maybe once a week... it was always somewhat sketchy...
  17. i dont really go to skool stoned, i dont really like it , especially when u hav an important class first, if i hav an elective first period or a thing that im good at ill hav 2 smoke to hav fun... wow im pretty stoned rite now, it took me so much time to type this reply in, and half the time i had my eyes cloesd
  18. damn skippy, smokin a nice joint before school makes the day so much smoother, i learn because being stoned allows me to imagine all the shit there saying. But yeah it really fun but usually only on Fridays, and maybe, maybe sometimes Monday....
  19. heh... i took every single final baked out of my mind....and passed w/ at least a B, all but 1...and that one i just didnt take, cuz i couldnt pass the class anyways..
  20. Yea, now after I finally got some after the drought, I really wanna go baked. But tomorrow is Finals so I'm not sure if I should or not. I know the stuff because I studied, but my memory ain't that great.

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