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Tokin attraction

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Dec 24, 2003.


You like your significant other as

  1. pothead - if shes like me and likes me, we have two things in common

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  2. prune - eewwwww, smoking is bad for you

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  3. suckup - oh well, i still like you, jus dun smoke around me

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  4. watcher - ill hang, i jus wont smoke

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  1. ok, i noticed that my taste for women have changed when i started to smoke bud. most women that dont smoke dont like people who smoke so theyre outta my books. den u got the few that like it, but even then, i smoke alot and if they dun do it, i cant do much with them and finally the few thatll actually hang around and not smoke, but thats boring for me. with that said, the only ladies ive been after are tokers and smokers. i wonder if anyone else out there has the same thing goin for them.
  2. My girlfriend is a toker she rolls pretty mean joints. Of course her lungs arent that really big so she cant take much smoke but she gets stoned..she loves bongs....but blowbacks are her fave..

    errr what was the question?

    {So Stoned}
  3. My girl's a big pot smoker, and that works out just fine for me.
  4. if a girl like u for who u are, then she will accetp u smokeing weed mate....

    so far, girls come up to me when im stone, then been sober...
  5. actually i wish that were to be true, i guess in the case of a super serious relationship, however, i was once involved with someone and once she found out that i smoked, it went downhill from there.
  6. I will only date guys who share my enjoyment and pleasure of tokin & jokin!
  7. im in a realationship where my gf.. hates all drugs.....
    she drinks once in a while (in which i remind her shes being hypocritical ;) ) but all in all it doesn't matter to her what i do, as long as it doesn't interfear in what we have to do togeather as a whole.

    she knows and watches me smoke etc..... but doesn't care, cause as she said... i could tell the differance between you wheather you were high or not...aside from appitite of course... :D
  8. Yeah, I'm not sure if I could be with anyone who couldn't at least live with my smoking. It sure is nice to share a joint with your girlfriend man. The world needs more stoner women!
  9. i definatly couldnt be with someone who didnt smoke, and all the guys ive been serious w/in the past have eithered smoked, or started smoking when they met me...its easier to find stoner guys if your a girl
  10. I'm rediculously single, but I don't see how I could have a gf that wasn't a smoker.
  11. only girl that i have a chance with right now hates weed

    damn, my luck

    shes cool and all but i wouldnt change my lifestyle for a beeyotch
  12. Smoking weed, its what I do.
    If you can't accept that, then i can't accept you.
    Mary Jane is better then you anyway.

    But, if you share the same interests in weed as i do, then we will have great times, as put in this thread earlier-jokin and tokin-thats what im about...

    by the way how many weedheads from long island are up in here?
  13. stoner girls I know are idiots... but there is this one I met the other day... she doesnt smoke.. but doesnt mind hangin out with me when im blazin... she knows im not some stupid stoner and she likes me when im high.. haha.. soo thats really really cool...
  14. Hot girls who can roll blunts. Biggest turn on for me, hah.

  15. Then I think you need to meet some new people, cause my friends and I are not idiots....but hey it takes one to know one right?
  16. i dont like it when a girl smokes a lot and is as big pothead as me.. i just like it when they do it occasionally

  17. ok...ass

  18. Yeah since when has weed been a sexist drug?
  19. She can smoke more than i can, or never have smelled weed before and it wont make a difference to me as long as its cool that I smoke, its all good.

  20. a bit hypocritical, but ok...

    What gives you the right to smoke more than her?

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