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Tokers worst nightmare - Pulmonary embolism

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bluff1989, May 28, 2010.

  1. Hi lads,

    2 months ago i think i got pretty much the worst news of my life lol well apart from the funeral but sure i wont know about that when it's happening!..:)

    Well anyways basically i found out i have a pe - clots on the lungs. started off with heart palputations and i wasnt even smoking weed at the time some crappy herbal stuff.

    so was in the hospital and off the smoke for about 2 weeks then i got out and felt allright i was a chronic smoker for 3 years previously and smoked all day every day and didnt worry about a thing. first night out of the hospital i was smoking ok had a spliff while out for a walk that was fine. smokd the next day was ok. couple days later anyways i got some decent grass and was chain smoking as per usual helping me relax etc.. then i could feel the heart go off again. I was devastated wen they said i wont be able to smoke again also to stay away from even a vapouriser which i had bought a like a day previously.

    I miss it but i was never addicted. I just miss what it brings out in music and art etc.. It's like a part of me is gone to be honest.

    Do you guys ever think ill be able to smoke again?

    Ta fellas,

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    i would be so bummin it would not be good for me lol.

    at least u have edibles and tea.
  3. I'm sorry for your loss. Peace.
  4. sorry to hear that man!

    Well are you actually born in '89? because i was born in '90 and ive been smoking a while too and I cough alot and my mouth is always dry so Im afraid something bad also is starting to happen in my body.

    Anyways instead of smoking you could also eat weed in butter brownies etc.

    Good luck dude!
  5. Eat yo herb! :yummy:
  6. brownies are better than smoking anyways...just not as fun of an activity...
  7. would you care to explain why they said to not even use a vaporizer ?
  8. Eat it and figure out why you're having problems with clots.
  9. Tell them to go fuck them selves they dont know what there talking about because there not docters nor have any education whatso ever and go smoke a pound in a day. This was a joke just for stupid people but that sucks if i was you i would research about it more and make alot of brownies.
  10. Yeah thing is i had eaten it aswell but they advised against ingesting in any way.
    Made some canna scrambled eggs i couldnt feel it kicking it so i smoked a douchie lol it kicked in then :).. they didnt cause anything tbh.

    The second time the palputations happened i was vaping and smoking spliffs aswell.. i mean i was back to my old smoking ways but after the second time i got them i had to say "goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend" lol for the moment anyways hopefully.

    Ya know hospitals though. Man i thought i was invincible i had felt pretty shit though wen i was smoking a short time before the palputations started not so much dry mouth and all more feeling drained and down in myself.. thought it was just too much of the g stuff .. i was wrong.. like i always thought nothing would put me of smokign but when i got the palputations first time i actaully thought i was gonna die and was told that was the cause i just had to do it, well aswell as the stress on my lungs. still have all my shit though space case grinder bong's lol a hashbean lighter i dont think ill ever get rid of em. i think myself though it was more inactivity than anything that caused the clots cuz i really wasnt doing alot.. i found that i had a very bad cough for months before this happened aswell mate..but it wasnt anything that would tlel me i had clots i literally was lucky that i had the palpuations i think cuz i felt exactly the same man apart from feeling a lil down in myself etc. best be safe than sorry man and thanks for the replys lads :)
  11. Wasn't the space case grinders the ones that would create metal shaving and fall in your bud?

    Clotting may also be cause by your diet.
  12. Well a vapouriser's fine. obviously on the lungs. but a small bit of anxiety + weed leading to an increased heart rate doesnt go down well wen you have clots on the lungs i dont think mate. I wish i could just eat it or whatever but i really dont want that to happen again and that's all thatll be going through my mind. im probably gonna wait till after im off the anti coags to even think about touching it again.. most depressing thing is i was looking forward to going to dam for my 21st guess thats out the window now though LOl ah was der twice last year anyways :) so had the experience even if i cant smoke again. ill be saying my prayers to our holy jah maybe he'll hook me up lol
  13. you can always vape man, if they say otherwise they are just ignorant. unless you have a REALLY bad heart which i doubt.
  14. nah never had a prob with space case doing that man it's the titanium one :) best grinder ive seen or had and it weighs a ton lol just the simple grinder no sibh nd shit :)
  15. oh alright thanks for explaining man! I'm sorry about your situation, hope you figure something out! :D
  16. Cannabis is also said to dilate blood vessles and prevent hardening of the arteries.
  17. I hope so bud i love the vape probably the fact i was smoking and vaping cuz i was so used to getting that instant hit and the potent taste cant beat a spliff with tobacco tbh but wat can you do :( .. nothing like rolling up a phat one of purple kush or buddhas sister!! lol those where the days :) green crack has to be my favourite grass though even after trying alot of the strains :) try some if yas get a chance :D
  18. aye im not saying it was the cause mate cuz im sure you know as well as i do that the stuff has never killed anyone - setting that aside the increased heartrate is wat the hospital are saying it for i think.. was mainly posting on here to see if anyone else is in the same situation maybe see what they did and if they could smoke again or watever or even continued to vap or something :). Wen i do go back ill be a social smoker itll be a once or twice a week sorta thing if i can :)

    Again thanks alot for all the comments,
    Appreciate it,
  19. I just really really like that fun fact about Cannabis and use it whenever I get a chance :)

    So what do they have you on? Plavix?
  20. I can understand not smoking/vaping while you're being treated for the clots, but afterwards there really shouldn't be much of a problem. After all, smoking weed can't cause this. I might recommend taking it easy, and vaping more and eating weed more, but there's no reason for this to scare you off of doing something you love.

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