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Tokers: why do you like smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ddd3, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Tokers,

    What do you like about smoking?

    Obviously you do it, and obviously it's something we all enjoy. But personally, what do you like about it?

    If you could give at least one distinct reason as to what you REALLY believe you enjoy about this, I believe we could all benefit from the answers.
  2. I don't think it's possible to just give one, weed is amazing for so many different reasons I could never decide
  3. Because it makes me think about things indefinitely, better, and I can think things through more thoroughly.

    Also because it's relaxing.

    There's really no negatives.
  4. What I like is the smell of the fresh nugs being packed.
    The lighter extending its short lived rupture to the hemp wick.
    The taste of the herb, the smooth smoke filling me lungs and opening my air ways and releasing all that mucus.
    The smoke being exhaled along with the smell of distribution.
    The technique or rather, the way I have developed an art of sorts when smoking from certain things. My hands just glide though doing so and so.
    The feeling of bliss.
    Insomnia, arthitus, back pain, rls, rapid mood swings, suicidal thoughts, social anxiety, sinus pressure, aching joints, stomach pain.... that's allllll gone. Gone :^)
    I have the highest of love for Cannabis. Absolutely everything about her.
  5. I like using it to help me sleep at night. I also love getting blitzed and getting lost in video games. And I don't mean lost as in I get sucked into it, I mean lost as in I don't know where the fuck I'm going but I always have fun. Just being able to chill and not worry about shit in those moments is also really nice.
  6. I love the way she makes me feel.. I love how she wakes me up in the mornin n the way she puts me to sleep at night.. I love how she opens my mind to think outside the box..i love how creative she makes me.. In ways I would never imagine.. I love both the head ...n body high :) I just love mary jane!!
  7. MO MORE MIGRAINES!!! :yay:

    Granny :wave:
  8. Slows my brain down enough to feel normal.
  9. its fun, relaxes my muscles, makes me think things through slowly/from different perspectives, and there arent really any bad side effects ive noticed
  10. it gives my penis rigamortis :)
  11. Because I'm so high right meow.
  12. It helps me sleep like a baby at night and opens up my mind to a calmer more relaxed state. Art just becomes better, I can draw better think better and realize stuff that you wouldnt when sober.
  13. I love the taste and i love the feeling. Like everything is so much better.
  14. I love the way it makes me think.
  15. It gives you a new perspective on things you might not normally realize.

    Makes things that might normally be mundane, fun and interesting.

    You see the world for how it is, beautiful and magical.

    Relaxes me and makes me enjoy life that much more.
  16. Feels good, makes me happy, no stress, only thing that cures my stuttering.
  17. helps my anxiety a fuck load ,insomnia,makes me more crative and feel connected to things more
  18. I love smoking because it overall enhances my day to day life.
  19. lets me relax on a whole new level, allows my muscles to slacken in my back that are always so tight and painful, loosens my jaw and relieves my TMJ, calms my stomach and makes me feel like eating again, slows down my mind so that i can take a nice break from thinking about all the BS i have to do and deal with for just a couple hours. it's just the best way i can think to relax. plus, the feeling of that nice light smoke going down to the lungs and then back out is so nice. not big ol' monster bong rips to get me soaring, but nice manageable hits from the pipe. doesn't even force me to cough very hard or often. just a little throat clear here and there. just cruisin' and enjoying that quiet peace time. a book often goes quite well with it. finally, gotta love that beautiful smell.
  20. It relieves the pain and prevents me from going blind.
    Oh and I love the "side-effects".

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