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tokers raising kids?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by samiel, May 7, 2011.

  1. ok, first of all i want to say i love this site. ive been a memeber for awhile now, and i respect most of you as growers, cheefers, and puffers.. 2 weeks ago i was given some life changing news, my fiancee is pregnant with our first child. the fact that she is preggo doesnt bother me. what has been weighing heavy on my heart and mind is can i continue to smoke herb and be a "good" father... i have a small football team of neices and nephews (15 total) and i can deal with being around small children while medicated. i guess its a bit of a moral struggle, but im torn and a bit emotional over all of this, and any input what so ever on the subject would help..

  2. Ah I know so many great parents that toke it up everyday, imo if you can function like you should medicated then there's no real problem. I was hesitant about replying as im not a parent so my opinion doesn't mean much really.
  3. i know a few parents that toke daily as well.. i have also witnessed how those kids turned out. i guess its just the inner fear of becoming a father myself. and honestly parent or not your opinion does matter because i asked for it...
  4. Keep your priorities distinctly separate and you'll do fine. If you want, or don't want, something bad enough, it will come true. I wouldn't worry about it. The fact that you're here telling us you're worried about it is proof enough that you'll do fine.
  5. worried is an understatement... i am scared shitless dude. never in my entire life did i have a desire to reproduce, but shit happens
  6. Just remember what is more important
  7. I am not a parent myself, but I am extremely good with kids! I was looking after a four year old last night in fact - whilst medicated. I personally think that it is fine for you to still smoke, as long as it doesnt get in the way of anything. Kids are on a high themselves, hell - last night the kid I was looking after drank all his water, then five minutes later went to drink sme water and accused me of only putting a drop in when I gave him his water.. That's someting a drunk would come up with :p
    Can you give your child everhing it needs while you're smoking weed? Probably.
    Is marijuana bad? The law says so.. But do you?
    Could marijuana actually AID you in being a parent.. As in.. You'll be more relaxed, more playful, in a better mood, etc. A happy parent is a good parent, don't wanna' go crushing childrens' spirits with our own problems do we?

    My personal opinion : go for it.
  8. that was very well worded sir, and you make a very good point. ive have been around small children medicated with no problems.

    as for the guy in texas. where you at in the state?
  9. you might just become so busy that you wont have time to smoke :confused_2:
  10. I don't understand why you would even have to ask yourself that question..Why would weed make you a bad father? Anyone who would put weed as a priority over their kids doesn't deserve to live
  11. No worries man.

    A very very good friend of mine is a father, has two kids.. a girl and a boy.
    Needless to say he is one of the best parents I know and had the mary jane talk with his daughter not long ago.

    You get the picture, you'll be a great dad man.
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    I would say yes. My brother has a kid and he just started cheefing again after 2 years of not smoking. He is great father in my opinion and he can still cheef and be a good father after he gets his priorities done for the day of course

    Just have to make sure if you get stoned not to drive with your kid anywhere. Even if you are a great driver. Better to be safe then sorry imo
  13. Ever see someone give there 9 year old kid a beer while there high on opiates? Or the guy who left his kid in a car of a casino parking lot, and let the kid die in there while he was gambling?

    You don't sound like that bad of a father, although I don't know you, and can't make a assumption on your parenting skills through the internet.

  14. Toke until the kid gets to about 8, which is when you start keeping it a secret, and not being stoned near him since you can't just tell your 8 year old to start smoking weed. Plus, they'll be implementing propaganda in your child's brain.

    I'm sure you'll be a great father. ;)

  15. thanks man
  16. My Dad tokes all day everyday. But essentially keeps it a big secret. I didnt know until i was about 14, and he started smoking with me on special occasions when I was 15 because I was getting really heavy into ecstasy.

    He taught me appropiate times to toke, and how herb should revolve around my life. not the other way around.

    But he's a great father, and his toking isnt open whatsoever. He smokes dank weed n hash all day and is still a wonderful father.
  17. Apparently I used to play on my dads lap when he smoked, and nowadays we smoke together all the time. He was a good dad and I turned out to be a 3.6 GPA student.

    In my experience smoking as a parent is pretty harmless if you aren't stupid about it.
  18. My parents smoked daily my entire life and even before I was thought of. They kept it from me until I was 12. I had a great childhood, for the most part. The only down falls came from my fathers adultery and addiction to cocaine. They cared for me and loved me like everyone elses parents, taught me right from wrong and disciplined me. I dont think I can remember them being high around me during the day but I do remember the smell coming from their room at night lol. I'm a parent myself now and I smoke (my husband does not).I smoke when our little one goes to sleep. Shes a very happy,healthy and smart little girl. Ive only been smoking for a little while but I know it isnt going to effect my daughter in anyway.

    You're going to be great parents and you are going to be a great father. When the time comes just be truthful with your child about what you do. Congrats to you and your fiancee!
  19. i guess like all parents to be i worry about what the hell im going to do. i love to smoke but i honestly believe i can still smoke and raise my child, the question is will i? i fully intend on giving up tobacco products due to the health risks not only to myself, but to the baby, i dont know if i could/would give up mj at the same time.

    as far as raising i child in a semi incoherent state, i think its a bit obvious that just about anyone can do that. my father is/was a full blown alcoholic, and in his younger days methamphetamines were his drug of choice. even though he's not my biological father, i couldnt have asked for a better man to raise me. most of what i am feeling at the moment scares the living shit out of me, im confused, scared, excited, and extremely worried. dont get me wrong, i am not questioning my abilities as a parent.
  20. Nothing scares me more in life right now than becoming a father. Yet again I am 18 and that might change...but I'm with ya man.

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