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Tokers of age.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PinkZebrazGreen, May 24, 2010.

  1. Sup blades, i blazed with my dad one time, a nice fat joint. Something funny i noticed was he didnt do puff puff pass. Correct me if im wrong, but i thought puff puff pass was universal, and this cracked me up.

    He called me a "bogart" it was a positive experience overall.

    You guys have any interesting experiences with older tokers in your early smoking career? they are like libraries lol.
  2. I smoke with my best friends mom once in a while. It was the most trippy thing at first haha. Like, "Is this really going down right now man?!"

    She tells some pretty crazy stories of when she was younger and how they used to smoke. Pretty interesting stuff.
  3. what did he do instead of puff puff pass? just puff and pass? I do that sometimes if its a small joint or a bowl
  4. Ive only smoked with my dad about 4 times, but one time we were smokeing a joint and he was telling me how a long time ago people thought that weed with seeds in it was a good thing because they thought the weed was good enough to suport seeds so it was good weed to smoke. i thought it was pretty interesting
  5. The people I smoke with are all pretty close friends/family, so we just pass it around it doesn't really matter how many puffs you take. If it runs out we have more to burn.
  6. ha a few days ago i went to a headshop to get an ashcatcher for my bong. i helped this one older dude about 40-50 who was lookin for a bong. i showed him one with a perc and diffuser and everything and explaining it too him he was just like what the heck is that?!? its kinda funny schoolin someone on weed someone whos prolly been smokin since before i was born. of course he could prolly teach me a ton about other shit
  7. yeah fasho just pretty much take as much hits as you;d like, but not hogging it er anything..
  8. Maybe papers back then burned faster?
  9. No. It's because it was harder to get back then. You didn't waste the weed. One puff then pass. The old rule of thumb. Bogarting was the worst thing to be accused of. :p
  10. I have smoked with my dad before i got introuble with my mom for a pipe so we sat on his porch lit up

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