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Tokers, is it normal to feel this way?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by qlife4036, Oct 16, 2014.

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    Hey guys so last night was my first time smoking weed. My friends were there to watch over me because they said I might get too high and might have a full blown panic attack (thank god I didn't). It didn't really take much to get me to a [10], I only smoked 1/4 of a decent sized high grade nug.
    However there's one thing that I've experienced afterwards that I want to ask the rest of you if you've felt the same thing. The high lasted around 6 hours. I went to sleep afterwards and woke up still kinda high but perfectly sober, as in feeling happy and looking at things in a different perspective. It's like weed unlocked something in my mind. I've looked at past regrets before and found myself getting sad, however after yesterday I can't get angry and depressed at anything anymore, just happy, chill, peaceful thoughts.    

  2. weed can effect everyone differently, looks like you're one of the lucky ones that just get chill from it

    But dude, 6 hours? that's mad! were you properly blasted for the whole 6 hours or just like 2 then did you start coming down from the high for 4 hours? oh well, at least you enjoyed it lol

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  3. Mary jane helps unlock the third eye. You will be reviewing your life that you have lived and every choice you make for a couple weeks. You might even start seeing things out of the corner of your eye. But its ok, enjoy it, your becoming "enlightened" for lack of a better word. What you will soon start to realize is it becomes much harder to fuck people over, and you will have less of a motivation towards becoming "rich" and more toward gaining knowledge. Congrats man
    Do a little research in mediation. 
  4. I was pretty blasted up till 4 hours and then I  got down to a 5 for the last 2 hours. I went to the bank afterwards to deposit some money at 7 fucking AM and still had a smile on my face. I guess it has something to do with my body never experiencing thc?
  5. could be coz it was your first time, or it could've just been awesome bud

    you're lucky though man, most people don't get high the first few times

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  6. It took me back to childhood like everything was new again and I dont get the "boring" feeling which is awesome. Sounds similar to your situation
  7. Definitely agree with the whole third eye. You will see things differently and be free from your normal train of thought. Must of been some dank shit though. 6 hours is very long for a high.
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    this is exactly the experience I had when I started vaping 3 years ago. It was like I could see behind the virtual curtain and clearly see the world as it is, not how corporations and the government want me to see it. Changed my life.

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  9. You sir have been enlightened, welcome to the dank side. 
  10. It's perfectly normal.  Enjoy it before you become too accustomed to that perspective, the more you smoke, the more muddled things become after awhile. Take it easy, and take advantage of what you have experienced. Moderation is paramount.
  11. Welcome to why I use weed. Depression, anxiety are reduced. ADHD symptoms are reduced, leaving thoughts coherent, and allowing me the ability to genuinely accept my problems. Used right, the plant could be a life changing herb for many people in a positive way.
  12. Like previous posters have stated, what you're starting to experience is completely normal and - if you continue to smoke weed - will be ever-present in your life.
    This newfound mindset is what allows people who smoke weed to self-reflect, and properly value what they find to be important; not like those who do not smoke and instead end up valuing things that corporations, the media, and the government deem important.  :smoking:
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    this is also happend to me,  look a litlle longer for me to realise that it had changed me though .
  14. Sounds to me that you have just begun your psychedelic journey. Keep smoking and while you're high, try and think about the bigger and deeper things in life. There are a few unmentionables that you might want to try. Weed is considered somewhat psychedelic and really opens your mind to the world.
    I had a similar experience to you. The first time I tried bongs was at a friends place from an Ice Tea bottle with a garden hose stem piece and a normal conepiece from a tobacconist. I had already gotten high before that from an apple pipe so when I took my first big rip, I went insane. Every time I closed my eyes, I got lost in thought and forgot where I was. This high lasted about 6 hours too. I was coming down on the bus home, panicking that I might not be sober by the time I return.
    After this experience, my curiosity about psychedelic experiences heightened and now after the stuff I've tried, I can definitely say that drugs have changed my life for good.
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    Yup you have been "enlightened" to put it loosely. Realize that there is so much to life than just what governments and tv wants you to think. Enjoy the journey!

    Also look into meditation.

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