Tokers in Canada

Discussion in 'General' started by kenshiro, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. What's the ratio of tokers in Canada would be? just take a guess if u are there, even not.
  2. Wouldn't have a clue, but a lot of people do. Its just so easy to find
  3. Dude, I know people from all walks of life in Canada who smoke Marijuana. It really is so easy to find, oftentimes, your local dealer is even closer than the local liquour store and I am not exaggerating.

  4. 16.5% of people smoke, or have smoked in the past year


  5. I hear ya, I've got about 3 sources on the way to the liquor store, haha. Not everyone in Canada smokes weed, but I'll give you an idea of th ratio of weed smokers among us Canadians. In HS people would smoke joints casually in the smoking section infront of our office. Alot of my friends parents keep a good amount of hash/ weed stashed away, we'll pinch here and there on those dry days.

    I believe that because weed is so tolerated, and reasonably priced here up North , less smokers turn to pills, blow etc. I'm sure alot of cracked out Americans wouldn't have turned to pills, or meth if good weed was so abundant and east to get.
  6. dude, it sounds like a heaven to me..............coz i'm in Asia...

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