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Tokers Help Please!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mosspb, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Yo so basically I smoke high mids regularly like every weekend and sometimes during the week. I picked up an 1/8th of this super dank bud (idk what strain) its pretty orange and covered in crystals, super strong smell.

    Anyways I rolled a couple spliffs at a party and me and a few other people smoked. They were about .75 each, I shared one and it got me well blitzed for like 2 and half hours but i was drunk too. Two other guys smoked them, and got out of there mind high and an hour later threw up. They weren't drunk they had not drank anything. So then last night I went and smoked a real fatty jay i rolled at least 1.5 between me and another guy. I got sooo high, it lasted for about 3 hours and just had me on couch lock. And i actually threw up!! Is there any chance the weed is just dank and were not used to it so were throwing up? was it because i munched so hard (i ate a shitload of food)? Also i was thinking the weed might not have been fully cured (just because of what it looks like and it was a little harsh the first smoke) so i've been keeping it in a jar and burping it a few times a day.. could it be possible its not cured yet?

    Just wondering haha, cheers :smoke:
  2. It could be from the smoke, not the THC. Cannabis prevents nausea, so I'm thinking it's just your bodies reaction to all the smoke, and possibly the food. If you were smoking many joints or taking a lot of hits it could have caused your body to get sick. It also could be cause the bud isn't cured yet so let it dry for a few days.
  3. Yea, you weren't used to real dank. Train ya lungs betta.
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    I was thinking it could be because of the extreme dank but i mean the stuff i usually smoke isnt schwag by any stretch, but this is noticeably better. As well i wasn't coughing my ass off or anything, it was relatively smooth. I was thinking more its the curing thing.. but its possible

    But this guy saying about the smoke.. If it cant be thc i doubt it was cause its dank because i hookah sometimes, smoked weed 3-4 times a week for over a year, and i smoke cigars and none of those have ever made me feel the slightest bit nauseated
  5. or you just go REALLY REALLY high, there is a point where you get too high and you become uncomfortable. welcome to the world of greening out, it happened to the best of us
  6. I don't know about that I've never thrown up before and mj is used to prevent nausea I thought. The first 10 times or so I smoked I smoked a heavy amount of good dank, I used to get Pumpkin Kush and Sour D when I was like 13, and I used to be crazy but never threw up. Maybe it's because you're eating a lot
  7. thanks everyone for the ideas but i think its because it wasnt cured, I was thinking that might be it... It wasnt greening out i've greened out yo but i've never thrown up from greening out. Im not a newb toker in the sense i havent smoked a lot.. Ive smoked for over a year but this stumped me. Its probably because the bud isn't cured properly. Ill leave her for two days and we'll see what happens round two haha

    Ps im not some fat fuck hahaha, im 6 feet tall 175. I only ate like a box of KD, two granola bars, and a some fuckin glossetes. w.e thanks for the help :smoke:
  8. A 1.5 fatty of dank with 2 heads on it is gonna be a good ass time, but maybe try rolling a 1g fatty next time around and see if you still throw up.
  9. do you normally smoke spliffs?? cause if you hold the smoke deep in your lungs the tobacco will fuck you up and make you all dissy and shit....fuck tobacco
  10. haha sorry round here I just say spliff for a fatty cone joint, i know the euro's use it to mean one rolled with tobacco but in my circle at least.. not what it means haha. I have never inhaled tobacco and never will :p

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