Tokers! Christian, Agnostic, Athiest or Other...Poll

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  1. Since joining this forum I started to think WOW, there are a lot of people out here from all over the world and all walks of life....

    So curios.....Who are You as a Toker?

    Christian - Believing in God hands down
    Agnostic - Cannot prove that there is a God so unsure of what to think
    Atheist - Do not believe in God hands down
    Other - Sorry, but I just don't know all religions to add (no disrespect intended)

    Not looking for a debate....just numbers to see where the majority of Tokers are placed

  2. [ame=]YouTube - George Carlin: Religion is Bullshit[/ame]

    Joe Bless You:):wave:
  3. Let me go on a slight rant for a second before I answer your question at the bottom:

    For future reference, it may be prudent to pay more attention to your poll options.

    It would be more logical to post:


    Putting Christian at the top and then putting that as believing in God clearly screams bias (or poor attention to your own poll). To assume that it is not possible to believe in God hands down without being a Christian is simply illogical.

    To answer your question, I selected "other" as although I would consider myself an agnostic, it is more in the sense of lack of understanding means I have not made up my mind more than I believe in God but cannot prove it. Agnostic is a very generic option and covers a wide variety of beliefs.

    I personally believe that balance rules the universe, infinity and zero at the same time. Everything is inexplicably tied to everything else, and we are all one. Or some hippy crap like that. I don't know, hence the OTHER option...

    Anyone who has done enough psychoactive or in particular psychedelic substances will understand the jist what I am saying.
  4. Agreed
  5. I believe in God, but not in the traditional Christian sense. My views agree with all religions and yet disagree with religion in general.

    Cannabis is a central part of my beliefs.
  6. This poll blows :smoking:

    so many things wrong with it.

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