Discussion in 'General' started by DirtyPete, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. This is a stupid thread, but I'm making it anyway.

    All I wanted to say is that when I have a kid I'm going to name him Toker. Toker Keif Olsen.
  2. pshh, sarcasm? He might not like that when hes a grown man..haha imagine him applying for jobs. What's your name? toker..
  3. He'll like what I tell him to like.
  4. You will just probably guarantee that he would be a stoner or smoke early in his life. But then again my name is baker and I didnt smoke til I was 20.

    Name him what you want:smoke:
  5. I think it has a nice ring to it.

    I may have to start naming any new plant that comes into the house with a pot realted name. Currently they get old, yet glamours, pinup gal names...
  6. You will make an excellent parent, good sir.
    Seriously :)
  7. haha are you going to teach him how to smoke?
  8. I have to say, that's not that bad... it does have a ring to it, and people are going for the more unusual names these days... I think it just might work... I mean everyone will know you're a stoner by naming your kid toker, but if you don't care about that then I say go for it.. more power to ya!!

    ~ Terpsichore

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