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toker puberty

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sevenleafcowboy, May 20, 2002.

  1. Do you ever get pissed off at the immature antics of the young tokers I know I do ! They get high and want to vandalize stuff or yell obsinities at people or simply make a complete ass out of them selves. I'm sick of this phinominon the younger generation dosen't care about benevolence or quality of caricter. It's so sad you smoke to peace and friend ship not to anarky or detriment. A good toke should bridge generation gaps renew old friendships,and promote harminy and great sex! it's spiritual! yet so many loose sight of that. why do we have to be so damn immature when we are young? I was raised most of my child hood and teen years on the florida siminole reservation we were tought when we were old enough (12) to smoke politely and to be kind as this has always been tribal custom I now live in the whitemans world but hold dear my teachings ( never get high and show your ass for one)all people need to get a grip and be peaceful!!
  2. Yup, I agree! :D: :smoking:
  3. I agree somewhat...sometimes..I could be alittle immature..But it's all in good fun..sometimes I just like too have fun..but not go to a point I agree with you
  4. i never feel like doing anything like vandalizing stuff like that while high...i feel so good that man i just want to talk about happy thoughts i'm having :D
  5. Hell ya, I feel ya, I like to sit and chill enjoy my self while I ride.Later~
  6. i think it all depends on the person....yea there are assholes out there that act like that...but if they werent high they'd prob be doin stuff like that anyway
  7. at 16 I and my friends are the most calm and fun tokers you could ever smoke with. The only thing that we do that is near stupid is babble and talk shit... hehehe...
  8. y'know I really don't think being a beligerent vandalizing punk has anything to do with getting high... Those kids are probably even worse when they're sober.
  9. 2 true spaceman spliff...

    I like to think (or wrap myself in a warm blanket of delusion perhaps) that because the herb has reached so many people that it is bound to end up in the pipe of some little hoodlim punk. I can only hope that their character improves from age. but perhaps they are just missing the point? lack of guidance in such matters? I mean really where the f*ck do they get their etiquette from. not every young smoker out there has some wise old hippy figure to show the the true path to stonner enlightenment.

    maybe it's partly our fault for not helping the next generation of smokers!?!! worrying thought. I think I'll start by checking on the etiquette of my cousin & his smokin buddies.


    ps ... just thought i should add,

    is this related to canabis use at all? are these 'punks' using other drugs which may aid to their missguidedness? after all, if someone has no qualms about using harder drugs then of course they'd have no hang ups about smoking cannabis, and so cannabis is mearly a harmless plant growing on the tip of the deadly iceberg. (hee hee, did ya like my little iceberg analogy?)
  10. After re-reading this post, and taking into account some of the replies by younger Blades, I've changed my mind. I feel we are guilty of "painting all youth with the same brush"!! Not all youth, whether stoners or not, create problems or vandalize property!! But it seems we old fucks are a Lil' quick to display "Youth bigotry" Sorry bout that ya'll !! :D: :smoking:
  11. Yeah man, i just read the first sentence but i know what you mean.
  12. why did you bump a 7 year old thread?
  13. #13 WesleyB, Aug 28, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 28, 2009
    Ya i know a couple people like that. To me when im high im more rational. If your going to ask me to do something dumb with you you better do it when im sober other wise im most likely going to say no. haha dont know why maybe its because i get to lazy to do dumb things when im high.

    *EDIT* haha ya this is really old
  14. lol your sentences sound like they've hit puberty, but your spelling on the other hand..
  15. i know right? its like when he gets high he wants to fuck up grammar to get back at society.
  16. Meh, cannabis does different things to ALL sorts of different people. Granted, I don't approve of most of what you mentioned...but I by no means think weed should be restricted to JUST people who want "peace, love, friendship"....These kids are going to do retarded shit wether they're blazing or not....

  17. was this 2 or more years ago? I hope so
  18. read next time, it was in 2002

  19. Woops didn't realize how old the thread was my mistake!

  20. fuck, let me chill with you guys, all my friends want to go speeding and break shit haha

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