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toker maturity?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by panflake, May 5, 2011.

  1. so ive been smoking for around 6 years but ive had to to take long breaks for sports and shit. I remember always getting really sleepywhen i first started but now i stay up forever and dont get sleepy. But ive always been somewhat of a lazy stoner i guess u could say, like i dont like doing energetic stuff. Recently ive been getting energetic/ more positive, id like to think this is a sign of me changing into a productive person when high. So im wondering do you think over the years that your highs change or like you gain some kind of control? idk im on my wake and bake and this is just on my mind
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    You can get better at getting baked over the years...

    I think eventually, it starts to affect you differently. Especially once your body is used to THC.
  3. Yeah I agree with that. When I toke it usually makes me want to be more active and do more stuff. That's why I blaze before homework. I get it done faster and I retain more information. I know that's not true for every user but it is for me lol.

    I think it's because when I'm high EVERYTHING becomes interesting.

  4. I agree! Uni work becomes a kind of hazy ritualistic fun... Haha
  5. I was always a productive person while high.Whatever I was doing homework,making music,writing,making videos, etc. Lately I've had to go through more to smoke and some of it is pretty exhausting. At least I get my exercise.

  6. You change over the years.

    Not the drugs

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