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    disclaimer: if you think i am a racist or if you are going to give me shit for this post then suck a nut and go cry somewhere else. no matter how many of these disclaimers i make in my posts there seems to always be at least 1 idiot that says some dumb shit.

    i am the only black kid in my group of friends, everyone else is white except for this one other asian kid who i am "thankful" for for giving us more diversity. being the only black kid is awkward especially when the topic of race comes up. lets just say i could be more comfortable about the situation. whenever i go out with my group of friends, i start to get self-conscious about outsiders looking at me as the "token black guy". i thought i was the type to not give a fuck but i cant get this thought out of my head and it makes me not want to go out with my friends b/c i cant have fun and i will just worry. i guess you can say i am insecure. usually i would say if someone prejudges me orlooks at me a certain negatve way before even knowing me then fuck em, theyre not worth my time....but no matter how much i say that to myself it never works. i go to a predominately white/asian school and most of the black ppl here are the real ghetto type and i feel weird hangin around most of them because im so different. i dont know why im posting this, hopefully you guys can give me some help
  2. Just be like,
    'My dick is bigger than yours!'

    Sorry that might be considered racist...

    But seriously, it takes two to be racist.

    One person to say/do something considered racist, and one person to have considered it racist.
  3. speaking as someone that went to two colleges with 80% black people, there are 2 types, one's who act like someone from the hood, or a educated one that speaks with distinction.
    i don't want to sound racist, i just judge people a lot i guess because i even do it for white people.
  4. your paranoid, plain and simple, yes youre black, but your a human being like everyone else, no better yet no worse, people look at in a negative way laugh at them, fuck em, if theyre gonna disrespect who you are they arent worth your time. im drunk and rambling, but i feel what your saying man, im out bro,, peace
  5. chill with who ever your comfortable around, don't your skin color fuck with your head
  6. if one person does something racist then how is someone who "considers" it racist a racist if the other person just did something racist?

    thats beside the point anyway, im not accusing anyone of being racist, i am just paranoid of people prejudging me.....
  7. no just retarded, another pointless post that will make people flame up and change topic once again.
  8. exactly, i know i am paranoid but i cant get the thought out of my head.....
    but i dont feel comfortable around my friends if im always getting paranoid about this
  9. dam, well im white and i hang with 2 of my best friends and they are asian,
    alot of people said i'm weird cause i'm hangin with the asians, i was like well fuck off and if u keep botherin me, ure goin get your ass kicked

    all i'm goin say is WHO GIVES A FUCK BOUT what they think
  10. i wonder how long it took for human skin to acclimate to its surroundings. .

    do you think that if a blood line moved locations and stayed there long enough they would eventually change to be like the natives?
  11. Well I mean it goes both ways.

    I'm talking about how it is today.

    Call a white guy a cracker, nobody will say shit.

    Call a black guy a n*gger, better fuckin' run.

  12. I can only speak for myself, but if I saw a group of white kids and one black kid, I wouldn't even think twice about it. I won't pretend to know what it's like, but I'm sure your friends think about it far less than you do.
  13. man just dont think of yourself as "the black guy", just be like "im a person, hanging out with my friends" little things like this change who a person is man, ive seen it happen.
    and if you dont feel comfortable with your own friends man i think its time to switch things up. if you have known them for years i dont understand why you would be so paranoid ect, im not trying to be rude or anything man, its just not something worth thinking about EVER you are a human just like any of us here, make the most of every day man.
  14. well i respect you for thinking like that and going through with it, but no matter how many times i say that to myself it doesnt work...
    i know, its pretty pathetic, right?
    what the hell does that have to do with anything i just said?
  15. your sig explains everything you just said quite well
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    Because it would be like me being self concious about hanging out with a bunch of black guys or asian guys or whatever.

    My fuckin' point is, man up and stop worrying about shit if nothing ever happens.

    I mean is it like people give you shit whenever you go out?
  17. well, um idk
    just try not think bout it, some day u'll get the point where u'll just forget it
    and try not think bout the skins.. everybody is a human beings

    i'm tryin help here bro,
  18. well of course they think about it less than me, they arent the ones that are "different". i dunno about my asian friend but asian ppl around here can hang around with whoever they want and they would less likely get prejudged.
    well i barely go out period so thats probably a factor now that i think about it. i also think things like this unconsciously and consciouly stop me from going out
  19. Also my point is, if you're worried about it so much, you've bought into the whole racial stereotype bullshit.

    Just RELAX.
  20. i dont really go out... but when i hang around with them on campus i get paranoid about it, no one has every said anything...but just because they dont say it doesnt mean they cant think it (not saying they are, its just a possibility and im really paranoid)

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