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toked in my room

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Platypus313, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. i toked in my room.
    just 1 bowl and now my room fucking reeks what so i do?
    My parents are put of town but i have my bro with me.

    sorry if this doesnt make sence i am high
  2. open a window and whip out the febreeze dood
  3. here is what you do. get a candle, take ur lighter, light the candle, in a few min ur room will be smelling fresh.
  4. Wow I don't know. I don't think there are any products that can manipulate the smell of a room.
  5. put a fan blowing air out your window and close the door. in about twenty minutes your room should be pretty aired out
  6. I like this guy. your alright man your alright.

  7. qft ;)
  8. If you have spray paint, keep a big piece of carboard in your room and spraypaint on that, tell your parents it's art. Even if they get mad, it'll only be this one time and it'll get the smell out.
  9. Haha just spraying a big dot on a piece of cardboard will probably not pass as "art".
  10. Lmao, I blaze in my room all the time and I'm in the you'd imagine the smell would rise and shit. I just open my 2 tiny ass windows, the door and turn the fan on. Shit's gone in a milisecond with some Febreeze.
  11. Open a window, you will live.
  12. You will think it smells because you are high and don't want to be caught

    Open a window an turn a fan on... In a few minutes there wont be a hint of it

    And from now on just exhale out a window
  13. Open a window and light a candle.

    For the bad stuff, Ozium

  14. Okay...

    so you toked in your room and now you are afraid someone might smell it...

    So what do you do now...

    Well for one thing you get ready for a ban because you are underage...

    Also It's called a sploof make one...
  15. Whoa dude, no where in his post does it say he's under 18. I'm 18 and i trip a little bit if my room smells like weed. Maybe he's home for the summer from college? Maybe he's living with his parents because it's a smart way to save money on rent.

    I'd just spray some febreeze and open up a window, and next time you smoke (if you didn't already use one) use a sploof.
  16. Yeah.... how can you assume this? Just from that stupid reply I think YOU are underage (like maybe 3 or 4).:wave:
  17. BlindfAth you're a tool, bro, dont assume shit - there was NOTHING in the OP that could give you the slightest idea of how old he is... (btw, giving you your red bar felt great.)

    and's all good, when are your parents coming back?
  18. dude i light up in my room all the time, i can't help you with the right now, but obviously the best way to smoke in your room is to smoke from a pipe or bong, and always remember to let the smoke out the window, just blow the smoke out the windiw, leaves virtually no smell, and just cover up with a quick spray of anything that doesn't smell like weed
  19. Open all windows, turn on fan, ac, central air system. get some air freshener(just use a little bit, candles incense, watverr, chill the fuck out its not that hard to air out a room that smells bad. and teh spray pain idea would work.
    "Whats that smell?"
    Black spray paint..
    What were you painting?

    lol i can just imagine
  20. OZIUM Shits the bomb. I have a fucking huge can of it in my bathroom. Last night i hit my bubbler and blew the smoke straight into the air as i sprayed ozium right in its path. ZERO SMELL OF WEED. I love this shit. It was a 1 hitter tho. Well multiple 1 hitters. Tonight im getting baked out of my mind with a sploof and a can of ozium next to me.

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