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Toke & Talk

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by elainerobinson, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I have nothing to do this evening except smoke.
    Exreme boredom has hit.. anyone wanna get super
    duper high with me & chat on aim?

    Screenname: m0nicaftw

    i'll be on all night, hit me up [:

  2. Fuck no...I know how you women are, draw me in with ideas of discussion and stimulating conversation...And BAM! Want to see me nude, pay here, only blah, blah, blah...Nothing about a kitchen, cooking, or any fuckin' cleaning, why in all of fuck am I going to pay for that?!:cool:

  3. muahahhaha thats funny.. i don want money, and i dont want to send anyone n00dz... sounds like someones had some bad experiences.
  4. Yep...They say that too.:cool:
  5. I dont have aim. :(

  6. download it!
  7. Why not. Can't hurt to much right? :rolleyes:
  8. I will stalk you now to no ends.
  9. If you had Yahoo, maybe I'd talk :)
  10. why is your name elainerobinson on grasscity but monica on aim :eek:
  11. :rolleyes: Gee, I may be old and slow, but I would think a little multi-tasking would allow you to centralize. i.e. PM works pretty good too. ;) :smoke:
  12. hahahahaha.

    omfg hella funny bruh.

    u gotta pay that money mayns!

    aint nuin free in this world.

  13. busted. just kidding, somthing's not adding up though

  14. elaine robinson is a character from a movie i like.

    my real name is monica.

  15. i was only kidding. you dont have to explain yourself to me (or anyone else) it's all in good fun here on the the City

  16. youve done it now..

    now she goin be all mad nd shiznitt.

    mite even have to pay more for the goodies.

    thanks alot.


  17. the graduate? I love the song that was at the end credits but I never actually watched it lol (bro showed me the song). "scarborough fair" by simon and garfunkel

  18. yep! the movie is so good too.
  19. Then what is the point?

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