toke stains

Discussion in 'General' started by isis_420, Jun 22, 2002.

  1. Hey, anybody know what to do for stains on your token figer/thumb?
  2. iunno about stains, all I can say is wash it well

    as for the smell, get a pack of gum like winterfresh or spearmint. open it and rub that powdery stuff all over the fingers, that should help
  3. chop your finger off
  4. i just went into another large burst of uncontrolable laughter...icecream's "cut your finger off".....funny as shit!!...hahahaha...*ponders for a moment*!

  5. :D But how will I hold the joint???? :confused:
  6. well, you do have toes.. and your other hand! ;P

    but seriously, i don't know if you mean from just smoking, or from cleaning your bowl. i find that rubbing alcohol gets the nasty resin off my fingers pretty well when cleaning a bowl so i imagine it should work for stains from smoking(? i never got these?).
    it's harsh on your skin, but lotion can fix that and it's not as harsh as losing a finger! :)
  7. you must smoke a LOT to actually get stains from it...try sandpaper...or bleach...or just smoke soooo much that the rest of your body stains to match....i vote for number 3 :D
  8. wow, two consecutive posts from namron and no mention of aluminum! Could it be he's off that kick?

  9. are you kidding, he's the biggest anti-aluminum nut i've ever come across... i bet he will respond to this with a slew of anti-aluminum propoganda. He's an anti-aluminite. :)
  10. ...who said anything about aluminum?

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