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Toke,Nature Walk

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by SmoknHellaTree, May 12, 2010.

  1. Full Moon.... Stone walk then just chilled on my roof with the telescope.....

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  2. I go on a daily nature walks behind my house with my 3 legged golden retriever. I'm surrounded by atleast a few hundred acres of untouched coniferous forest and Northern Canadian wetlands, it is pretty spectacular.

    I'm planning a nature Hookah-weesha sesh this evening with a few friends, I'll take some pics and post them later if I remember.
  3. i need to get a pic of this because me and 2 of my friends were on a pretty intense nature walk and found some trees that looked like the were sculpted by van gogh the designs were crazy.
  4. yea dude that shit was intense
  5. My nature walks for a whole weekend!!! i <3 Spirit of the suwannee river music park!!! it so beautiful!!!
    I had to add a pic of my goodies for this weekend!! Had my good Friends Jane and Lucy with me what more could i have asked for!!! :hippie::smoking:

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  6. nice sheep hahaha... I wanna go chase it

    nice pictures penny_lane! very pretty :3
  7. :smoking::smoking:Night Sky, Bright City, Great weather!!!

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  8. Wow i cant believe this thread is still alive. Hell ya! Nice pics penny
  9. Nice pic dude, weres that at
  10. ROOF TOP Nature toke!!

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  11. Oh man i have been so busy with work and school, looking at this thread makes me so Happy though i must start going on my nature toke walks again!!!:smoking::smoking:
  12. Damn. You really put me in the mood to walk around high as fuck.
  13. Took a walk through a winter wonderland today
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  15. Making me miss my nature walks and camping trips! Used to go down over the hill next to the pond, set up a tent and build a great big fire. When that was all taken care of, I'd toke and listen to the frogs and crickets while playing with the fire 🔥

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  16. I love to toke an go hiking!
  17. Awsum pics!! I love toking and going for a hike. Il post some pics.
  18. Noice thread bump. [​IMG]

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