Toke Gone Bad - Help!

Discussion in 'General' started by buddingstar, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. My friend and I are social users but our use has increased recently. We smoked last night, 4th time this week. My friend fainted and I think she had a seizure that lasted about 5 seconds. About 10 minutes later, I felt like I was going to faint and started sweating, but I managed to hold it off. Has anyone experienced this? What happened? How to avoid it in future?
  2. How much did you smoke exactly? Details are a must man.
  3. We shared 1 joint - new batch of weed that we had not tried previously. She had not eaten much during the day, and come to think of it, neither had I. She had 2 light beers and I had 1 glass of red wine before we smoked.
  4. Perhaps it was bad weed? Laced or such.. I couldn't see how this could trigger the effects you had. :-\
  5. Yeh, I also wondered if it was bad weed, but the dealer's the same. It was confusing to me, too. I couldn't see how it could have happened. I wonder if the not-eating had anything to do with it?
  6. Anyone else had this experience? Any advice?
  7. I remember one time I smoked for like a week straight and by the end of the week I felt so aweful. I smoked too much which made me feel like I was going to vomit.
  8. i threw up before from weed before, but i nver had a seizure. sry dude i cant help ya out
  9. One time I smoked weed and I got high.

    It really freaked me out.
  10. Having a vagina + 2 beers + half a J = passing the fuck out. Is she your average weight female, like 120 or so? If so then yea, I dunno about the seizure, but she was probably just way fucked up. You probably saw what was heppening to her and it freaked you out into thinking about getting sick.
  11. "One time I smoked weed and I got high.

    It really freaked me out. "

    lol me too man it was freakin crazy dude.

  12. hahahahahahaha

    blocko that's scary i hope you were alright.
  13. did u take advantage of her while she was out?
  14. It was probably either laced, or youre both dont smoke often. Alcohol also has very great effect on people when mixed with ganja, so always watch out. Seeing as a lot of girls seem to be more light weight, having 2 beers and smoking may have been too much for her.

  15. I think what happened is her heart siezed, then was brought back to life through the wonderful works of God.

    Believe in Jesus!
  16. i think it was the beer. from stories that i have heard beer+weed=trouble. idk maybe it was just laced with some crazy shit.
  17. Beer and liquir + weed is bad or just beer because i drink vodka and get stoned all the time and i love the feeling.

    But to go with the thing one time when me and 4 of my friends were clam baking in his car we smoked prolly like 2 blunts and 3 joints or suttin like that (by the way this was when i was smokin every day :( b4 probation) it was a lil hot in the car and i started to feel REALLY hot and then like it started to look like there were lil neon yellow lines scribbled all over everything and it started to get blurry and everything got really loud but muffled and i couldnt understand ne of it. I felt like i couldnt talk or move but i did i was just like i gotta roll down the window and i rolled it down and they kinda just looked at me lol.... It was weird i dunno.

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