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  1. I was talkin to my science teacher today in science (no shit DiZzy you say) and we were talkin about toilets...dont ask..... but i was wonderin in Australia for all you Australian Blades does the toilet water spin the other direction from America? (i think thats counter clockwise....?) just wonderin and pondering things after a toke or two.....
  2. dude didn\'t you see the Simpsons episode when Bart calls down there to find out?
  3. WOW :D.... mine went clockwise.... THAT is amazing! i just checked and it baffled my mind.... and yes ganjaphish i did see that episode and it blanked my mind.....
  4. I am the number one Simpsons fan! and i think the new episodes suck, they need me to write it for them J

  5. I really love trivia like this when stoned!! LMAO!!! just had a visual of critter readin\' dizzy\'s post, then scratchin\' his chin and goin\', H\'mmmm, lets just go see..........*flush* :smoke:
  6. When I flush my toilet the water has no swirl but falls straight down. And when it fills it goes straight up. Also it is not really water it is chicken soup.
  7. Chicken Soup!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lmao!!

  8. LOL...and the American Embassy has to use a special toilet to make it flush the right way!
  9. i love the simpsons :D

    holy shit icecreamkidd wtf do you live??!!?? :)
  10. Ok, ok it was only a one time thing and it wasnt even cambells chunky. But ive heard that the toilets are different in japan. All high tech and stuff?

  11. What does your toilet do if you live on the equator?
  12. ACTUALLY the earths rotation has nuthin to do with toilets i found out.... useless knowledge.... it has to do with the plumbing and type of toilet..... crazy websites givin me all this info....

  13. I think the same thing the simpsons suck now they used to be great now their target audience is like 5 year olds it really sucks!!
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