toilets a symbol of refuge

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by azadi4ever, Dec 29, 2001.

  1. hey all...another whack idea. i been seeing lots of movies recently, and this idea came up, that in so many movies, when someone wants to get away from what is going on in the real world, or needs to take a break and start re-thinking about his ideas, and/or the plot, they are in the bathroom. there could be many reasons for this, i mean first and foremost, that is the place u will most likely see a mirror for the character to look back into. but also its so cut off from the 'world' i mean its something everyone does, and no one talks about.
    i mean godfather 1, before the characheter michael carlonone, shot the 2 guys, he went to the bathroom, yeah ok to pick up the guy, but also to re-think about what he was going to when he ccomes out.
    also then extrapolating this to real life, we all do it as well kinna dont we. i mean when we are there every day of our lifes, and most of the time, just taking it easy and doing all the thinking, planing of the day, thinking back about what happened, role playing in our minds as well...i dont know manybe i am the only person doing which case i dont know...but if anyone knows what i am talking about, i am sure that there rae other movies where this comes in mind from...let me know those
  2. I don't know if this is what you mean, but when I go on break in the morning and afternoon, I just lock myself up in a toilet stall to get away from everyone... My work is pretty stressful and I find myself locking myself away just to stay away from my co-workers, so I can just escape work for 10, 15 minutes each day... Somehow I come out of there feeling really REFRESHED and the rest of the day isn't as bad. :D
  3. yeah man, thats it bro. exactly what i ment. at first i thought i was talking absolute bollocks, but then the more i thought about the whole thing, the more sence it made.
    i mean talking from personal experiance, most of the decissions i make, ore day dreaming i do is on my throne (toilet)...and today, stting there again, i was thiking more of the post of mine.
    there are some more things i would like to add as to why it is a good symbol of refuge.
    1. that is where the clensing is done (at home atleast) where we shower, and take away all the filrth that has been on our body since the last day.
    2. for many people that is atlesast where they start dressing up and shit, wearing their "mask" for the outside world and society
    3. make up and all that other shit for women, is also just put up there, thats another point as well.
    and like the gangaprash dude said, its where u just get compleatly locked up from the outside world, and u r expected to get locked up, no one can reach u there, its just u, and your thoughts....for a place so "dirty" and "yuk to talk about" does have a lot of significancs in our lifes emotionally doesnit it?
  4. I totally get what you are on about guys. Even since a kid the bathroom has been a place for self. And on many trips on teacher drugs I've had my greatest moments of reflection ( aided by a mirror :) ) in toilets. Have u guys ever been in a fairly mellow trip in a room full of friends... gone away to the toilet and come back in a massive trip of thoughts. Everytime.

    I say we all spark a J in a toast to the toilet. The most under-rated room in the house. All hail la Toillette!


  5. ah, such a mind. :) you shall be missed
  6. Digit, I do that sometimes when i'm really high too. Sometimes if a bunch of people are over and I want to trip in piece I just go into the bathroom put down the lid and play gameboy.

    Or, if i'm at my dads house i'm not supposed to smoke weed before I do my homework, so if I have a bunch of people over and we don't want anyone to know we were smoking, we have a potty party.(good thing we have huge bathrooms!).

    One time we had 13 people in there! We also have glass showers which, I must say are superb for hot boxing.
  7. I think a lot of that feeling comes from the fact that it's simply one room where you understand that you're absolutely alone. Does anyone remember the feeling of paranoia they experienced after seeing Hitchcock's Psycho for the first time?

    Well, maybe it was just me... but the sheer idea that the murder displayed in the movie took place in the shower. Where people assume they're completely alone, that solitude was broken...

    I'm sure when it originally hit theatres a lot of people felt the innocence of the bathroom was gone, probably many purchases of clear shower curtains that year.

  8. I just had a flashback to this post this evening, when I spent a good 20 minutes looking at my reflection and just THINKING. Not like "AM I FAT?," or "GOD MY NOSE LOOKS WEIRD" but more along the lines of "Wow I'm almost 25, I feel like I should feel older, do my eyes look older?" And tripping off the fact that I'm about to be 25 (obviously stoned this evening) I was thinking, is this where I expected to be when I was a little girl? No, and yes were my answers, and am I satisfied with my life? Yes mostly, but there are always no's, mostly things I wish I had achieved by now but I am young yet and have many years to travel the world, finish college, have children, get married, etc.
    Gives me something to look forward to, so I got in a super good mood thinking about the possibilities of my future :)-~
    I then just stared at myself some more, thinking about how life is SO not as easy as I thought it was, and how happy I am about many decisions I have made in my life, and how sometimes damnit I just wish that Harry Potter type fantasy lands did exist, even if to go for a weekend or so... :D Hell who knows, maybe we will find the technology to create "magic" some day!

    So that's not really TOILET-related, I was reading a JANE magazine article about No Doubt (dislike new album) :p

    But it did occur in the bathroom and I thought of this post so here you go, philosophy 101 in the 'loo
  9. haha kewl... i decided to look at the really old threads.. u know the ones hidden at the back... and i found this one.

    it's only been like a fortnight since i had another one of those crazeee experiences... oh the things that happen in a toilet when you just thrown up from having 2 mugs of REALLY strong mushroom mochacoffees! conservative estimates suggest i had over 600 mushies... i think it was closer to 1000, maybe even considerably more.

    quite a trip... explored dozens of galaxies all held within a droplet of water, but no ordinary drop of water, it had character, a life, a dance and a story to tell. when i decided to come back from seeing the cosmos in a far grander way i ever experienced before i got to explore death... i can't explain it better than "exploring death", but it was actually quite pleasant.. not like you'd expect at all.

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