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  1. Hey Blades!  Flipped to 12/12 eight days ago and wanted to start a new thread as my old one seems so have lost people's interest.  It's understandable, this is when the show begins anyway!  So welcome and take a peek at my plants.  They are under the 1000w HPS, 3 Critical Kush (2 of which are still exhibiting some odd cupping and twisting of new leaves, can't figure out how to correct this), 2 Blue Dreams, 2 C99, 1 White Shark.  Much love :smoking:
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  2. That is like wow compared to mine.. Good work sire soo much good worelk
  3. How long did you veg?
  4. Vegged 8 weeks.  I fimmed around week 3 or 4 and tied everything down a week after that.  The branches shot up real quick.  I love how bushy they got.
  5. Well could probably flip the lights a week or 2 earlier and still fill out your space.
  6. thanks man.  yea I was considering flipping earlier, I just wanted to see beasts!
  7. I've heard the cupping is from to much N during Flower, because N is for Veg growth and is essentially forcing the leaves to grow vegetively  during flower. I have also seen it on someones plant and they said it was because they accidentally put it back into veg a little  after it had been flowering.
  8. that's the thing they have all had the same ff schedule, never overfeeding and clean water every other watering.  I flushed those two as well, tried epsom for possible mag deficiency, nothing has really changed.  they still look healthy enough, the growth is just odd looking and a little stunted.  I skipped feeding them for two weeks in veg.  They have looked like this since sprouts, possible mutants, who knows?  Im gonna let them do their thing.
  9. sick just sick way better then my first two grow..
    Hey thanks a lot for looking man!
  11. So we are at week 7 tomorrow.  Fed them yesterday for the last time I think as I still am going to let them go for another two weeks probably.  Started molasses last watering too, so I'm gonna feed them just that and water for the rest of their lives :smoke:   On a sadder note, I did end up killing my two Critical Kushs that were growing weird.  They were just mutants, their sister is looking fantastic.  Decided to kill them after I got home from work and they were covered in seed pods, couldn't risk my other beautiful ladies.  Take a look, what do you think?
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    The girls really swelling up and stinking
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    Blue Dream, extremely dense already
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    C99, fluffy but getting denser everyday.  Might let them go the longest
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    C99 Colas
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    Blue Dream
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    Blue Dream
    Happy Growing blades :metal:
  12. Nice bro nice i love blueD too man im soo envious i traced ur ip i know where u are at :p. Jk
    dead grower

    Haha, come find me bro we can burn one down! :smoking:
  14. nice plantss take some pics with lights off so we can see the flowerss how many plants u got there?
    Hey thanks man.  Yea I'll try to get some lights off pics asap.  Got six now, did have eight but had to remove two of my Kritical Kushs due to mutations.  They started producing seed pods really quickly and I couldn't allow that!
  16. nice canopy mate, how much u let em veg? and how are u feeding? organic or nutes?
    thanks man a little lst goes a long way, a big lesson I took away from this experience.  they were in veg for two months, and sunday will mark 8 weeks flowering.  Since this was only my second round I went with fox farm line up.  I have no complaints the buds look and smell incredible but I am starting to lean towards a self-sustaining soil.  I have read some organic threads (Jerry) that really inspired me to change my game next time.  And I think a SCROG is in order next time too..
    Mucho Love
    Gonna throw some pics up when I get back from az

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