toe nails?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stash_up, Aug 1, 2003.


have u ever chewed toe nails?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. i have a foot fetish

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  1. u know how everyone chews finger nails? have u ever like chewed ur toe nails? its really cool cuz they\'re much harder an nicer to chew, anyone else done that?
  2. haha [​IMG], no :rolleyes:
  3. HELL NO,
    Thats why the make toe nail clippers
  4. yep, this stuff is all gold, all gold
    *mutters something*
  5. this is like... a joke thread right? :p
  6. omg so groase... chew on toenails...lmfao... nope, never... i dont chew on my finger nails either...
  7. yes.. i have... but only once just to see if i could....:D

    and hey...putting your foot in your mouth comes handy sometimes....especially when you say somethng extremly out of line...
  8. I have a serious foot fetish. I couldn\'t love feet more!!!!

  9. lol yeah..

    I dont stick my feet in my mouth, but I have cut them off and chewed on them before. is that gross? who cares..I love to chew nails. I hate chewing my fingernails though. is it cause of a foot fetish? i dunno..I have that too. But what a good source of protien!!
  10. lmao...thanks zonedude:p Im laughing pretty good right now...good eye.
  11. \"the bone marrow is where all the taste is at\"

    ewwwww!!! roflmao
  12. damn i hate feet. i think i have an unhealthy phobia of them. i mean personally, my feet are pretty nice, skinny and clean, toes are all in order. but if someone puts their feet near me, or even wiggles their toes from across the room, i freak out.
  13. lol I get thing I know im scamming on mmmm toes

  14. cause toes are just the start of the race..... we all know where the finish is....

    good attack ! :D

  15. cause toes are just the start of the race..... we all know where the finish is....

    good attack ! :D

  16. :pmmmmm
    ..I wonder what would happen if I was seeing a chick with really really nasty feet. am I *that* shallow? is that shallow? if they smelled, it would be off..but I think feet are important to me. gotta have a nice set of pegs. love them pegs. lol, thats so a pick up line in the see a chick at the bar, with sandals on...\'heyyyyyyy..nice pegs ;)\' oh im so trying it.

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