Todays teens

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  1. Is it just me or do they all seem to over think everything. Like I seen a thread made to ask what they should do when there friends come over on the weekend to have a smoking "sesh" ( they also like to give everything names ) and if one of the friends friends didn't smoke what to do with that ackwardness not smoke around that person? ....

    First off does having ppl over to smoke a joint have to be planned and/or given a name?

    Second who cares if someone with your friends doesn't smoke more for you.. What's ackward?

    Just seems weird to me. Idk

    My attempt at green crack ( I hope)
    Documenting noobs first grow
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  2. Sucks getting old. Just remember we used to be "today's teens" I bet the older generations thought we were strange too
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  3. I work with a large amount of people who identify with the SJW movement. Shit is actually retarded, because most of them are my age. I'm 26, i shake my fucking head at most of what i see in today's culture.. MY culture. And shit, kids today? I cannot even imagine the pressure they must feel with all this internet bullshit to grow up with.
  4. What's sjw

    My attempt at green crack ( I hope)
    Documenting noobs first grow
  5. Social Justice Warriors who think we should use gender neutral forms of expression and shit, to not offend people who are transgender. This whole movement has taken on many different forms but they are all just as ignorant as the last.. White people talking about racism against blacks like they have experienced it themselves.. Its a fucking hairy issue.
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  6. Yep and my dad thought my generation was a bunch of pussies and compared to his on average we are. His did the on and so forth. Now I look at my kids generation and see a bunch of fat out of shape, video game hooked, you tube wired pussies. I'm a single dad who raises 2 boys w/o the womanly influence of a mother, I raise my boys in the outdoors but my oldests classmates seem to hardly leave the house except to get a candy bar and Mt dew. I think every generation for the most part is going to view the next in this light.
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  7. have like no cuture outside of smart phone. no movements, no good bands and nothing that sets them up from being different other than just kind of being there........
  8. man dont get me started on this generation of entitled little shits
  9. Every generation has said this...

    But yeah, kids are annoying as fuck.

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