Today's music is immoral

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  1. Seriously, fuck Enrique Iglesias.

    From "I Like It:"

    "My girlfriend is out of town And I'm all alone
    Your boyfriend is on vacation And he doesn't have to know"

    Yeah, cheating is totally okay. :rolleyes:

    The Top40 station plays this song every hour, way to corrupt young minds.
  2. Isnt that the fluffy guy?

  3. Didn't know music was suppose to educate people. The radio plays what people request, that's called publicity + money.

    Even though those lyrics are retarded, atleast he isn't going off saying to go smoke crack or some shit.
  4. If people are listening to Top 40 radio, they're already a lost cause
  5. If you think that's just a hallmark of "today's" music, you're sorely mistaken. Immorality in music has been around a LONG time.

    Look up a song called Butcher Pete by Roy Brown. He was considered a strong influence on forming rock culture. On the surface, the song is about serial killing, but it has a double meaning of innuendo, which covers rape, extramarital sex and fetishes. The song was released in the 1940s.

    1970s music promoted drug use like no tomorrow.

    The only difference is today's artists aren't usually so clever in the delivery.

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    I know that it isn't just this generation, but the music is blatantly fucking stupid. Yeah, I probably could've done something different with the title, but music used to be an art, and now anyone with a set up can get into Top40 with shit lyrics and a semi catchy beat.

    Songwriting used to take imagination and skill. I haven't seen much from any radio station (except 1 or 2 college stations) since 1998.
  7. Yeah, won't argue with the stupidity of a lot of current music, which is why the Top40 isn't worth the internet paper it's printed on. Good music is still out there, just need to do some digging. I haven't really used the radio for music on my own in quite some time. Internet is the new medium for music proliferation.

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