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  1. had to cut another plant due to mold...and it just got sunny today too...only got 1 plant left and its showing no mold/rot,and growing strong,she should be done by mid-oct. But I've digressed here's today's fat of the land...had to use my niece's shoe box for this one,running out of places to

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  2. how much did it weigh wet?
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    so far from what ive cut this year i got
    Plant 1 (it got clipped i'm still sad about it,damn thieves) 13g wet and turned into 3.5g dry,currently 4 days into cure.
    Plant 2 (cut due to mold,and yellowing buds) was about 22.1g wet that i was able to salvage.
    Plant 3 (cut today for same reason,pictured in OP) is 19.7g wet

    so if i'm lucky i'll get about 16-21g dry total from these 3.

    the buds cut today look like theyre dipped in sugar,dunno if my cam captured it properly

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  4. my face is stuck to the moniter...

  5. damn man its so sad you had to chop they are SOOOO close to going from beautiful to mind blowing shit your pants awesome.... Im surprised you had so many issues, that shit looks healthy as FUCK!!
  6. I know the issues were minute,but they seemed to happen overnight during that 1 week and a half of rain we've been getting.and the buds in these pics were amazing,they smell dank even without curing,they've been in jars for a few days now.Everyday i burp the jars they get more and more pungent,its becoming very hard to be patient:devious:.How long do some of you guys recommend for curing,minimum 2 weeks?

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