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  1. First, I got in trouble on here for a misunderstanding, then I get a letter that my bank account is overdrawn $85, then I get a call that my grandma's in the hospital, and I'm dry. :cry: Thankfully, the misunderstanding's been cleared up, I've got a refund for the charge that overdrew my account in the works (took a couple hours of arguing on the phone, though and I'm closing my account after this), and I got an $18 check from the state in the mail for doing jury duty that I can use to open an account a less evil credit union. Hopefully, my mom will have some weed when she gets home and then we might go see my grandma. I really hope she's going to be ok. Today's just been a really bad day. Even just now, I accidentally hit the back button and thought I lost this post. :(
  2. who cares about weed, go see your grandma fool!

  3. I use weed for anxiety issues, so it'd definitely help right now. It helps me not get so worked up about stuff. I'm not sure if I'll get to go see her tonight or not. It depends on when my mom gets home.

    I also forgot about the dogs disappearing and having to go searching for them, then finding them covered in cockelburs, which were a nightmare to get out of their fur.
  4. tldr

    bitch bitch bitch....

    :D sorry, man hope your grandma's well

  5. Hey man I like to look at things in this light when things are turning shitty.. Life is a bitch, Fuck it.

    Things will always get worse before they get better but it's small things like this that make us stronger..

    Good luck with the troubles and go visit your grandma and cherish that ol' lady. :smoke:

    Cheers man and good vibes :bongin:
  6. [ame=]Daniel Powter - Ya had a Bad Day [HQ] - YouTube[/ame]

  7. sorry to hear about all the bad vibes.....just get into a positive state of mind and clear yourself of bad thoughts....all will be well soon if you can do that. hope you get sum bud.....:smoke:
  8. Don't work yourself up man, it'll only seem worse and even minor things will start to tack on. Negative thinking=negative mood. Hope your grandma gets better bro.
  9. Thanks everyone. I have friends coming over to hopefully cheer me up. I'm still waiting on my mom to get home to see if we're going to go visit tonight or wait until tomorrow.

  10. song goes hard...op good luck bro i just had a friend of mine idk burst both kidneys or some shit. he pulled through after being in a coma now he has to learn to walk again. this one for you:smoke:
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