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  1. okay today me and 2 of my friends went to go smoke in the forest near his house, the whole thing was going good until we decided to go adventuring. we got near this beaver dam and we ended up stumbling upon an underground wasps nest, at first my friend who was behind me screams and he starts saying there's wasps everywhere, so we start flying down this path and I'm stung, and I can honestly say that was the worst feeling I've ever felt. as we get to the dam my friend shows us that he was stung 4 or 5 times in the ankle and he had a cut on his hand. I look down on my shirt and I see another wasp on my shirt so I'm like "I'm out of here" and I threw my shirt on the ground and just started booking it and we notice that there is still bees or wasps after us, once we're out of the woods my friend who was stung in the ankle tells us he left his shoe behind and my shirt is still back there. all of that is still there, we decided its not worth it at all to go back and get stung getting the stuff cause his shoe is right where the nest is. it killed the high for sure.

    has something like this happened to anyone else haha it was the worst session ever
  2. Yeah the exact same thing happened to me the other day. We also left a shoe and a shirt behind too. Weird coincidence.
  3. The exact same thing happened to me!

    We should head back you guys . I need my other shoe
  4. lol i was smokin with some buddies and we got chased out the forests by bees too. shit sucked..
  5. Painting houses last summer with my cousin we had to fight off legions of hornets while painting on the roofs and up high on ladders.

    It was like 95 degree heat and the buggers were relentless.. we must've literally killed dozens.

    We smoked after to celebrate the end of the work day :D
  6. it was definitely the worst situation to ever happen. it was a good shirt too, cost me 30 bucks off liquid
  7. I feel you man when I was like 10 I ran over a wasps nest on my dirtbike and they chased me down and got in my helmet. I crashed after getting stung at least 300 times. Not a good day
  8. do you guys think its worth going back and getting it? it was a pretty nice Pink Floyd shirt
  9. The bees arent going to be around your shirt now...face your fear wont last long when Apocalypse comes...get some knowledge about the woods...haha
  10. I've always been in the woods, we go there every day and that was the first time in like 4 years that happened, and my shirt is right near the nest
  11. It should be fine as long as you dont disturb it
  12. your right, I really want that shirt and I bet my friend wants his shoe just as much
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