Today what happend with my Wfriend.

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  1. Today at 16:40 PM I went out with him, we were waiting for dealer wake up after his yesterday house party. Dealer didnt and didnt wake up... so we were sitting at bench, so after 18:00 PM we went call other dealer, he told us that he will be in 10 mins there... so 30 mins away and he came, he sorried us so we bough 2,5g weed and he gave us 0,5g as present, then we went on bus that we will go to his house (very close to gypsies homes=dangerous area), so we smoked about 1g crossjoint, then two friends gave us call that he will have small friend drinking party at his big flat, so we told we will come, so we bough about 2l white wine and 2l of cheap cola, so at about 20:00 PM we were at his flat, drank all, I took 2 chicken legs which cooked him mom, (my friend didnt eat anything), then we went back to my friends house (at 21:30PM (about)) and took about 1g joint, we smoked it from window, then we were watching some youtube dubstep songs (I like more hip-hop but why not), we were watching some psycho dubstep song... then friend from nothing stand up and vomited outside from his window, as he was puking I wanted to puke too but I was strong enough to stand it out, he told me "sorry", I told him thats nothing unusual it can happen to everyone. Then after like 30 mins that happend, I ran on my busstop along bus. I entered to bus, drove home and here I am.

    BTW.: Do you think he puked because he puked beause he did/n't eat?
  2. I think I feel a little bit stupider after reading your story
  3. i literally repeated this line in my head atleast 50 times.

    "2l white wine and 2l of cheap cola, so at about 20:00 PM"

    But my best guess is hes foreign on an english computer. either way sounds like one hell of a good day.
  4. Im guessing English isn't your first language,if it isn't you should be shot for butchering the english language, that was possible the hardest time I ever had reading a paragraph, it took me 30 minutes to read as I re read every line like fifty times.
  5. hahahahaha..."gypsies"
  6. Haha this shit is funny
  7. I gave up reading it not even half way through.
  8. Well no :D, czech is my mother language, I got english from games... :D

  9. One does not simply read all text.

    I hope its on Hard difficulty so it will make you stop read in half and comment how good it was day.
  10. Yea he puked because he drank a bit to much poison for him tummy to handle.

    Good on ya for not puking while watching some else puke and smelling the putrid stanky stank.
  11. You can tell he's foreign because he is using military time lol
  12. Aaaah dammit I got it now, I forgot that in America PM and AM is used just for 12 hours and 59 minits and 59 seconds.
  13. [quote name='"Lavions"']Aaaah dammit I got it now, I forgot that in America PM and AM is used just for 12 hours and 59 minits and 59 seconds.[/quote]

    Not just America, I dont Live in that shithole of a country

  14. Make sense your post made absolutely none.

  15. Congratulations, you decided to be a follower and not a leader and jump on the band wagon and hate on America! You know nothing, you are just making your self look like an ignorant fool except to all the other ignorant fools on here who hate America, idiot.
  16. Well, aren't you one badass motherfucker?
  17. Oh look another random thread turns into the ever-intelligent debate of:


    "NAW IT AIN'T, U R"

    Also, If you couldn't read the OP and figure out what he's saying through poor grammar then you're one slow person..
  18. Hahaha these past few years I've been good friends a foreign exchange student so reading this I instantly began reading it in his voice. I am pretty good with broken English at this point. I don't understand why everyone is bashing him on it, though. English is a hard language to learn.
  19. [ame=]Borat Gypsy Scene - YouTube[/ame]
  20. Nieko beillic?

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