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    Alright i'm a senior in high school and today was by far the most up and down day i've ever had, which isn't really saying a lot. But I had made plans with my friend to pick up some "Grape Ape", i'm not sure if it's a legit strain but it was 60 a teenth and if I had a camera i'd show you why.

    But before I was able to get the bud I had to get to my moms to change my spark plugs which I soon found out would not get done in a damn camaro. So I eat and leave her house around 6:30. She tells me to be careful because my tires are quite bald and have been so I didn't think anything of it. So I leave her house and get about half way to my dads and my tire fucking pops.

    I spent an hour getting that changed when I was supposed to be on my way to get that bud. Fast foward an hour, I get the tire changed and all fixed. I then drive back to my moms house and pick up one of her vehicles to drive. This is a stick shift so i'm pissed because i was in a car accident when i was 14 and can't feel my right leg from my knee down and can't move my foot so driving the stick is a bitch.

    So I go meet my friend finally at around 8:20 and then go home. So I thought the night had been long enough. Then wouldn't you know it, i shut the door to my moms Piece of shit car, and the doors lock without me touching anything. At this point i'm like fuck it somy keys are still in my car. And i have no way to school tomorrow. But I will be high later tonight.:hello::hello::hello::hello:

    So all things considered I am still the winner because I will be smoking the dopest dope i've smoked to this point in my career tonight.:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. I thought you were going to say you locked the weed in your car and your mom had the only spare keys or something like that.

    haha that sucks man, I hate when that shit happens.
  3. ive had grape ape mm haha how are you gona get ur keys mang
  4. Ahh no I mad sure that was in my pocket before I ever thought about getting out of the car, but my mom does have the other key and she lives 20 minutes away.

    But has anyone ever heard of "Grape Ape", i'm skeptical but it's by far the dankest shit i've bought and i've been smoking for about a year now and i've recieved some pretty dank headies before.
  5. No idea, i'll figure it out later haha, if anything it'll be an excuse to miss some classes tomorrow
  6. just for the record, try telling them you won't pay over $50 an eighth.

    you're getting ripped off if you are paying that much.

    no one should have to pay that much for dank.
  7. Yeah I've learned that, but this was too good of an oppurtunity to pass up. Nothing like this ever comes through here, all we get it headies beasters and mids. This is almost twice as good as the heads i get.

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