Today was a good day :]

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Zeb0, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. My mom said she was going to take my sister and her friends to the beach today, and i thought they were going to leave at like 12 in the afternoon.

    My mom comes in my room at 8 in the morning and says shes leaving...which leaves me home alone for like 8 hours.

    I rolled a joint at around 9, smoked it in my backyard while looking down the hill behind my house.
    Watched I am Legend..and smoked like 4 more joints every few hours. It felt good to smoke freely without worry and just kick it around the house like its your own house..
  2. Just wait until you actually do live by yourself, it's amazing.
  3. i do that when my mom leaves too only i like to swim while im high in my backyard
  4. Its not THAT great. You have to cook or eat fast food all the time.
  5. Today I didn't even have to use my A.K. I got to say it was a good day.

  6. Pardon me and I may be really high, but I swear this thread has already been posted, and you posted this exact response.


  7. dude i was just thinking the same thing about why i remembered saying that.
    i think the OP had a tomorrow is going to be a good day thread yesterday

    that was some serious deja vu

    just shows how good my memory is that it took me so long to figure out
  8. lmao yeah i posted one last night call tommorrow is goign to be a good day.

  9. The only thing I cook is cup of noodles and eggs :D Otherwise I just eat fast food.:smoke:

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