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  1. Ok so this morning started out okay smoked a banana philly with 2 grams of strawberry haze in it. So later in the day me and my friend went to go pick up a zip and we gave the kid 240 and he said he would have some nice dro so we waited for about 2 hours which sucked. Then when the kid gets back to us he throws us the bag and it turns out to be 10 grams of middies so as sucky as this is already i went over to my friend taryn's house to chill. Now my friend taryn and i are both 19 but only my friend and i stayed at this girls house her sister was home who is 16 but shes madd chill. So after we chilled for a little this girls dad comes home and she had the shit laying on this desk in her sisters room. Now her dad comes out screaming at us and shit to get out then tells us to stay. So we stay and he asked us for our information and we said no but then he said he would call the cops so i told him my apartment and my name and my friend told him his. Now this shit wasnt mine it was my boi's who had left so i told him it was my friends named joe. So he ended up taking my friends scale and weed. which sucks. But overall im trying to ask you guys if i can get in any trouble for this or anything like the weed was on THIS GIRLS table and shit and like it wasnt on me or anything so i thinhk legally im clear i think if any cop or if he comes to my house or apartment im just gonna say idk what your talkijng about and just play it off like i was never there. what do you guys think i should do?
  2. Deny everything. They don't have any proof.
  3. The dad definitely can't do anything about it. If he calls the cops how are they sure it wasn't the dad's weed. You're fine dude, the dad can't do jack shit.
  4. Well he cant do anything legally. But that asshole did take the weed
  5. When is he giving it back lol
  6. Thanks for the help guys, but i have a question my friend gave him his parents house address cause he's only in 12th grade so what will happen if this crazy guy goes to his house and shit. Like i gave him my apartment so w.e it dont matter but ya i feel badd for my friend who might get fucked by his parents
  7. So ya turns out my friendsa sister taryn came home and straightened everything out with her dad. He did take the weed but taryns sister hid the scale so my friend has his scale back. And no one is in trouble :D
  8. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation; give "her dad" false information.. You don't have to give him your real name and where you live.. You can bullshit something and he'll never know and you go home without getting in trouble.

    Wow, I thought everyone did that

  9. Sometimes you just don't have time to think...
  10. I think in a situation like that, the only thing you would be doing is thinking! Thinkin on how to get the hell outta there.

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