Today ROCKED free college! WOOT!

Discussion in 'General' started by JollyRoger227, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Let me just start off by saying Last night which carried over until this morning fucking rocked, I dunno how much herb I smoked but I know one kid alone threw in 3 grams for one of the blunts we smoked :smoking:

    But anyway, so I wake up and went up to my community college to pay for classes, I thought it was gunna be like 700$ after financial aid, low and behold I didn't have to pay AT ALL. I got 2,100$ in financial aid, so they would have paid for my books too, but since I already got them I'm getting a check for 691.00 from the school in October :D Hell yea bitches, free money for being poor!!!

    You can't beat that, no way sir.
  2. ENJOY!!! go buy some weed :)
  3. Damn, i have to pay for tuition soon.

    congrats, and enjoy it!
  4. lol thats some funny shit right there.
  5. My family barely makes enough to get by and we didn't qualify for any financial aid.

    I know kids who have huge new houses, $50,000 cars and get everything they want and they got more then me.

    I at least got a small scholarship.. No tuition for 4 years. The catch is that I have to pay fees, room and board, books, the mandatory meal plan, etc etc. Its going to be around $6-7k/year for me to go to a state college.
  6. My family doesn't make much money and my dad just got his pay cut in half because he works in construction and they would rather pay illegal immigrants to do his work then pay him enough to support his family. In order to help my parents out, I'm fully paying for my own college. I have paid off the last year and a half, I owe UCONN 7k, which I will be able to pay back before I graduate.

    I've been living at home and commuting to college for the last 2 years and this year will be no different. College is waaaay too expensive for an average income family even to afford now, and that's for one kid, my family has 3 kids to put through school.

    I decided to go to community college after my sister wound up 56k in debt after she got out of her public university, and I refuse to be in debt for the rest of my life. I'm a smart kid, honor roll student, AP classes and all, but I'm saving so much cash by doing all my gen ed and stuff at a community college, it's bad ass.

    I'm so happy I got to keep that money, I just gave it to my mom for some bills and stuff.

    Oh and Alpha, I completely agree with you I know kids who don't need financial aid who get a shit load of it, I honestly think its about time that shit stopped, because so many other brilliant kids could afford to go to college if someone paid for it but they aren't going because they don't have the money.
  7. Financial aid FTW lol. I miss those checks that use to come in the mail,the most i got in 1 check was like 951.00$ or someshit. i thank them too cuz not all of it went to bud. I bought some books and other materials i needed but its def a good feeling. My bro just stasrted school and hes guna pick up his check in a week or 2. def guna try n pick up some new glass. Congrats pha sho
  8. You're healthy.. work and make money like we all do.
    Leave the charity for the people with real needs.
  9. Its not charity. An education at a good university is very expensive. Beyond tuition, think about just the cost of living.

    Giving charity to people with needs goes against evolution. I'm a healthy productive member of society. Why should a handicapped person who can't work nearly as hard as I can get free stuff? People feel bad? Aren't we not supposed to feel bad for people like that? Isn't it supposed to be equal.
  10. I do work, and both my parents work their fucking asses off 60+ hours a week to make ends meet, and they could NEVER afford to send us kids to college. Unless you have money falling out of your ass you need financial aid in some way, if I didn't get any I wouldn't be able to go to school because I have a shit load of stuff to pay for besides school as well.

    It's not charity, financial aid makes it so that kids who's parents didn't go to college may actually have a chance to go themselves.
  11. isn't financial aid something you have to pay back?
  12. i might be going to uconn next year...
    if your familiar with the community colleges in ct, i went to three rivers...and i got accepted to both eastern and uconn...its gonna suck, because im retired due to physical problems (i can barley walk due to a back injury i got in the heating, a/c trade), and id have to work and go to school...luckily im really smart, and got a 3.7 through out school...

    and i wish i got a check for moneys...i dont see it goes into the bank directly...
  13. My parents make less than 60k a year with the two of them, I pay for my own car, my own insurance, cell phone and anything and everything else I want. I was given no pell grants because my parents make too much money, mainly because of money my father has in his retirement fund, that hes been building his entire life, he is 64 now. I have worked more than one job at a time since I was 17, am 20 now, I first got a job at 15, working 20+ hours a week, my senior year of high school I worked 3 jobs, one was 40 hours a week plus going to school, I put in about 75 hours a week between all three jobs.

    What I am trying to say is, I work my ass off my parents work there asses off, but the government would rather spend money on things like upgrading all tv signals to digital instead of analog which will cost 1.5billion US DOLLARS, but will not give me the money needed for me to attend mortuary school. That is some bullshit right there.
  14. I honestly wouldn't suggest going to UCONN they fucked me over big time and they didn't give two shits whatsoever. Every time I tried to contact them it was like dancing in circles for months. They over charge because they think they're hot shit because of their basketball players and don't give a shit about anyone else. For some goddamned reason my NURSING instructor was allowed to move me out of honors english into regular english because she thought it would be best because that particular english teacher was also a nurse. I also had one teacher that would make the tests harder if the red socks lost a game that night :rolleyes:

    Eastern isn't too bad of a school, I was actually thinking about going there, there or central, truth be told I wanted to go to Ithaca, but couldn't get the resources to spend like 20,000$ a year on school. If I had stayed in the nursing program I had a full ride to St. Josephs college for nursing in west hartford. Oh the choices we make in life, oh well :(

    3.7 isn't bad at all for school dude! I got a 3.8 this last semester, psychology seems to be my thing besides history I rock in it lol If you have problems with your back have you looked into just taking online classes from UCONN or Eastern? You can take them at home and you only have to log in a few times a week, it's the same price as regular classes, same credits just no gas wasted and you can work around it easier, that's what I do. I take a few of my classes online and go up to school for the rest :)

    Also, I haven't seen this check yet, nor have I ever got one, so I'm pretty excited. I was just happy that I'm getting my 300$ back that I spent on books, that when I sell them online next semester will be worth like 5 bucks each.
  15. If we took all that money we wasted in Iraq and all those other countries and put it back in the education system, maybe our children wouldn't "fall behind," for once maybe students would be prepared for all those stupid standardized tests that we give them. It's honestly too bad because we could have fixed the schools, or greatly improved them at least in some areas and sent PLENTY of kids, even if not a full ride, to college.

    The government doesn't care, they just pretend like they do.

    Oh and somekind, no not all financial aid has to be paid back, only if you take out a loan, you can get scholarships, and grants and things. Like for example, when I was going to go to a school for nursing it was like 25,000 a year, I had a 20,000$ scholarship, which meant I didn't have to pay that, and then I had financial aid that gave me like 1,000$ so I only would have had to take out a loan or pay 4k a semester.

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