today my Stats teacher said "dank"

Discussion in 'General' started by Fixation, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. dank story, bro.
  2. What was he talking about when he said it?
  3. a dank subject i guess.
  4. Kids always say "dank" in class, today when we were discussing the best line of fit, a kid said "thats dank" and he replied "its dank". forrr sureeeeeee
  5. ughhh, i hate it when people use dank as an adjective for things other than weed. It doesn't make you cool.
  6. dank thread
  7. This was my 12th grade economics teacher


  8. My mother uses the term dank all the time, but she thinks it means wet and dreary. Like if it's storming she will say the "weather is dank" hahaha. I'm like dang right!!
  9. :eek:thats my MOM! asshole!.....:mad:
  10. Probably because that is what it means.
  11. If you "try" to be cool your a douche bag
  12. Im taking dank bong rips of dank viewing a thread about dank.

  13. ya might wanna look it up :laughing:

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