Today marks my 5 year anniversary with Marihuana.

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  1. Yes blades. It's been 5 years. Feels like Freshmen year was just yesterday...

    See you in another 5 years.

  2. Fuck, man...Couldn't even tell you when I started, had to be, what? At least ten years ago or so...Shit, watch, OldSchool is gonna come up in here and smack both of us with his time smokin'.:cool:
  3. I think in 5 years, I've gained quite the amount of reefer knowledge, but believe nobody is truly "seasoned" until they've be smoking at least half their life.

    I mean, I started freshmen year, so i was what, 15? When I'm 30 :eek:, I'll be a seasoned toker with 15 years under my belt...

    makes sense to me at least...
  4. All I Can Say You Should Have Been High All Day Like A 24 Hour Smokathon
  5. didn't even smoke today. Haven't been high since early may...
  6. What?! Why?!

    I'm so confused!:cool:
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    I'm tryin' to think of something clever to say, and still get my point across, because it's not... I can't... really... say it... here... but that^ should explain it.

    Edit: I'm going on a road ____.

    I _______ and fell.
  8. Early may man get back on track lol I'm a little drunk so excuse anything wild but congrats big guy I mean 5 years that's a stretch for any activity whether it be smoking or excerse bit everyone have a good night
  9. Aye, gotcha...Gotta watch that road rash, man.:cool:
  10. [quote name='"OscarZetaAcosta"']

    Aye, gotcha...Gotta watch that road rash, man.:cool:[/quote]

    Road rash is a bitch indeed.
  11. nice OP, congrats. Been tokin daily for 7 months now. before that i tried it first 4 years ago but wasn't doing it with any regularity.
  12. on my third year with maryjane and believe me; life is a whole lot better. i have totally different aspects on life, it is just amazing..
  13. that 'Marihuana' shit will turn ya into a disrespectful white woman raping heroin junkie should try pot instead, it's safe.
  14. 4th of july (yesterday) was my (?) year anniversary (i smoke too much to remember how many years) :smoke:
  15. Mine must be close to 12 years maybe even 13

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