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  1. So I finally have all of my supplies for my first op. I've been patient for about a 2 months before starting germination. I wanted to make sure to read at least 3 reliable sources to make sure I could really do this. The books I used were "small spaces, big yeilds" by Read Spear, "The Soil Method" Spliff Odyssey, and "Growing Cannibus Indoors" by Anthony Teller. All were great resources to get everything setup. I'm extremely excited to hear what anyone has to say. Tips, resources and links to your own are the best!

    To start I'm going to go through my supplies list:

    1. 2 Mars Hydro 600w-267true wattage

    2. Apollo Horticulture 2x4 grow tent

    3. 2 12 in. Honeywell fans

    4. Hydro farm germination station

    And a few other minimal things.

    I got quite a few different strains using Attitude seed bank, and actually got 4 freebies with the order.
    Auto Berry Ryder
    Auto Transiberian
    Auto Pounder With Cheese
    Auto diesel berry
    OG kush

    I know I have a lot to learn to I will add the pictures of all the supplies used in this op so far. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Start a thread in the newbie section if your new. Or Hydro if your doin hydro. And people will subscribe. Now drop those beans sir! [​IMG]
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    I'm starting with just 2 at a time. Does anyone see a problem with staggering them 2 at a time in each cycle, were in an apartment and can't be overwhelmed by the smell because of the neighbors. If I got a 3rd light in the op I don't think it would be a problem after the first couple of weeks. Any help?
  4. If when you say "staggering plants" you mean "perpetual harvest" then you are right! There are many people doing this.

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