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Today is the day. A few questions first though.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by J T, Apr 1, 2016.

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    So I have accumulated a good pile of shake in the last year or so just from my pickups. I have about 2ozs jarred. I am going to be doing a dry ice keif extraction. Just a few quick questions before I go pick up the dry ice and a micron screen. How much dry ice will I need? What do you recommend if im going to be carrying it on a half hour trip home? will the dry ice be ok in package? Also, What size micron screen should I buy..? I just want good average yeild but it seems like people use all varieties of sizes and I just want one. If anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Dry ice is pretty dated method, just get a set of sifting screens like these and look up a tutorial on youtube. Good sift will always be better than dry ice hash, way less contaminate.

    Dry Sift Screen Set: Medium 4 Screens (SKM4)
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    Did you even read my thread at all? lol. and what are you refereing to when you say "good sift is better than dry ice hash?" I am extracting the keif to make a "Canadian" alcohol based tincture. bump.
  4. If you mean this thread, yes. If your making tincture, the dry ice extraction is an unnecessary step and cost. If you want a rough hash so you can use less alcohol go with a 250 micron screen, dry out the shake and gently rub it over the screen with your fingers. The dry ice will just break up the leaves more so you'll get lots of green in your hash.
  5. I am doing a dry ice extraction as recommended by PsychedelicSam, who I trust. The reason being I am using 151 proof alcohol base because you can't get a higher proof than that in Canada. I want a decent potency, which is why I am trying to extract a higher concentrate.
  6. Dry ice may be "old fashioned" but is a heck of a lot cheaper than bubble bags and easier in most cases to get. It does get a little rough on the arms to shake it but 2 ounces won't be bad.

    I personally prefer 110 micron screen for a good yield of amber kief with less plant material. You keep your kief separate, like the bags, by using your eyes. Keep your blonde kief at one side of your tray and shake on the other side, scraping your blond kief aside. When your sift starts to turn greenish you can stop or keep shaking to get more kief but it will have the frozen pulverized plant material in it also. Bubble bags or sifting on a 250 micron screen is including a lot of green material. You don't want that for a tincture if it can be avoided. I just toss my remains in the freezer to use for other projects.

    Since you've only got a couple of ounces, 5 pounds of dry ice should be sufficient depending on your vessel. I use a metal martini shaker and it will hold an ounce of material. I can only buy blocks of dry ice and they weigh about 5lbs. That's the minimum and it's fairly inexpensive. I usually only use about a pound broken into small pieces in the bottom of the shaker then a few on top. Let it sit like that an put your screen on top and shake.

    Use a towel or gloves...not you're shaking it so that your hands don't freeze to the sides of your shaker. A heavy ice layer will form on the outside. Don't forget to decarb your kief before you make your tincture. :)
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  7. That must be dependent on province; I know the SAQs in Québec stock 190 proof alcohol.
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