Today is one of thoose mornings...

Discussion in 'General' started by fAKdded, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. When ya wake up and say, fuck I was way to drunk last night.
  2. Yaup, i've experienced plenty of those shitty mornings...hangovers suck, I've been staying clear of alcohol lately just smoking that sweet sweet herb :smoke:
  3. Then you have to stand up long enough to make it to the phone so you can call in sick to work. It's a bitch.
  4. oh man tell me about it, i think i said the samething when i swoke up this morning
    one nce rip from the bong is great
  5. ...I hate those days, mostly after funneling beer do i get a hangover :(, i hate the beer shits :devious:
  6. stumble to the bathroom to take a piss thats coloration could best be described as "toxic nuclear green waste"
  7. yeah it sucks pretty bad when you start with shots of tequila
  8. Indeed. I feel you on that one. I dont know about "way too drunk", but maybe "too drunk" would suffice.
  9. dude when i got alcohol poisining i woke up the next day took 4 asprins and smoked a blunt :) wow what a shitty day
  10. today is one of those mornings...where u wake up still feeling the pharms from last night, bein up till 4 waking up at 12 and then doing a couple more lines pop an adderall to wake u up and take some lorazepam feel like shit all day confess ur love to a girl and smoke cigarettes all day long, doing a line here and there
  11. Iv experienced those mornings way too many times. Everyone does:) . "Chaser plus" pills, although somewhat expensive really work.
  12. just drink water throughout the night
    and some gatorade before you go to bed
    i wake up hazy but fine

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