Today is a very sad day.

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  1. The first piece I ever bought broke. It was a blue steamroller, with little jewels on it. I dropped it in my closet and it shattered into two pieces. Let's all have a moment of silence place.
  2. *pauses* Duct tape...
  3. Aww that's beat. I never broke a piece but I know if I broke my first real one I'd be pissed. So what are you gonna get now?
  4. Not one of my pieces is ghetto! And I refuse to make my baby ghetto!

    I don't want to get another steamroller, because it'll only remind me of my stupidity. A friend of mine makes pieces, and he's making me one that is in the shape of a firehose (because i'm training to become a firefighter) but I'm picking one that looks exactly like this up this week :
  5. Lovelym not to smoke it just to make it whole and then save it and hold it when you sleep..... o_O
  6. Is it bad that I'm considering that?
  7. +rep for training to be a firefighter.

    Save some lives!!
  8. Thank you! I appreciate that man.
  9. The first peice i ever bought broke last week :( I was using it as a temp one while my buddy cleaned out the other one. Then I dropped it :( 5 years of adventure and growing up shattered just like that.
  10. Right? You understand what I mean. It's like a little piece of you broke along with your piece...
  11. pieces break, dont sweat it!

    think of it as this.

    a new friend in your life for ever!

    i broke my first piece in half and hockey taped that bitch back together.

    but if your in the market for a new piece may as well get one!
  12. excatly.
  13. Oh I have several, but this was my first and I'm gonna miss him.
    And hockey tape?
  14. its tape used in hockey.

  15. ... I know. But how did that work out is what I meant
  16. oh lol.

    it worked for like 2 years until i gave it to my brother in law.

    he still uses it, so it works quite well.

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