Today is a sad sad day

Discussion in 'General' started by pianowski69, Oct 12, 2009.

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    This is what is left of my first ever bowl.


    We have been through a lot together. Him name was Meatloaf. I had that thing for 3 years and it never even once touched the ground. Oh well. It was bound to happen. Whats weird is that the first bowl I ever smoked out of him was huuuge. Like it was a mound. And I was the first person the hit it. And the last bowl was one of equal porportion. And I was the last one to hit it. And i wasnt even going to hit it last but I thought to myself that i'll hit it one more time just for good mesure. So its like it was ment to be. Oh well. Im about to smoke another bowl in his memory.
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    hah, i had this exact same thing happen to me about two months ago with my bubbler...i even made a thread and titled it " a very sad day" or something like that lol. and wheres Sterling Heights?
  3. Why would you name a pipe Meafloaf?
  4. RIP Meatloaf

    (+rep for unique and interesting name)

  5. meafloaf.
  6. ahahahahaha
  7. Yea man samething JUST happened...I dropped my bowl on the ground accidentally after I took it out of my backpack and put it on my desk...this blows. Gotta waste $40 now on a cool bowl from Wild Side or like $60-80 for a nice bubbler...probably going to go with the bowl even though I want a bong.
  8. scrape dat shit for resin yo
  9. Damn dude, that's kind of a downer, but shit happens.
  10. if you smoked dank in there scrape that resin
  11. You should have named him Tarquin.
  12. I, too, would like to know why you named your bowl Meafloaf :laughing:
  13. Lol and me :laughing:
  14. wow...and i thought my friend naming his pipe Ralph was bad


    (im sure he meant to type meatloaf)
  15. RIP Meafloaf. :(

    Now scrape that rez!
  16. Dude... something about a piece named meatloaf getting broken... I'm actually crying right now.. :cry:
  17. I really have no idea why i named it Meatloaf. It was just chillin one day and for some strange reason the word meatloaf came into my head, then then my imediate thought for some reason was "I should name my bowl that." And so I did. :smoking:
  18. Lol fuckin meatloaf.
  19. R.I.P Meatloaf, +rep for the name, I had a dragon pipe that when I was scraping it the bowl broke.... R.I.P Flaming Dragon lol

    Now, SCRAPE IT!

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