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today is a sad sad day...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lar20, May 31, 2009.

  1. my first and only pipe died :( i was runnin up the stairs and some how my spoon launched outta my pocket like a fuckin rocket lol and it smashed....and worst of all is theres no where around here to get a new pipe =[ fuck my life haha just felt like ranting alittle
  2. How is there no way to buy another one? If you don't have a head shop in your area, I know of a good site you should check out.
  3. i dont have a credit or debit card and also i dont want anybody else signing for it when it got to my house lol my mom knows i smoke but idk how she would feel about it...
  4. Gotcha, guess you are stuck with rolling papers until you can find a headshop. Try googling headshops in your area, or some gas stations sell pipes. Sorry about your loss bro.
  5. you could probably find somewhere with pipes. any smoke stores near you? like smokes 4 less, something like that. any place that specializes in cigarrettes and cigars would have pipes in it. this store called giggles near me, which is a sex toy shop has pieces in it. look around i'm sure you could find something. unless of course your underage.
  6. I know what you mean... its like when your only water utensil (my bubbler after i broke the bong:cry:) slips out of your hand 1 ft from a sink and busts in half. But lucky for me, I got a new bong the next day :bongin:
  7. it really bugs me when people say that...unless of course your underage. lol but yeah there is a store i know about called spencers that sells a lot of weed and sex stuff i hear they have some decent pipes for 20 ill try to get there its like 2 towns away tho =/
  8. Ahhh, spencers...pretty sure thier peices suck. its more of a store for the kid who smokes lettuce to be like "yeah i got a bong!"
  9. there might be 1 or 2 smoke shops near me but idk ive seen one once in my life time in springfield but i dont remember where it is lol
  10. go get yourself a walmart money card, its like 3 bucks and the monthly fee is low.

    its pretty much hassle free and i use it for my purchases on gc. just select the option for shipping for someone not to sign for it. lol.
  11. if nobody has to sign for it what happens do they just leave it at your door? i thought you have to sign for it and show an ID if its a smoking product?
  12. REPORTED FOR ADVERTISING! ;) he just said the shipping would be a problem though because he lives with the parents. Have it shipped to a home boy who's not living at home
  13. ok but does it have to be signed for with an ID cus if it does im gunna have to have a friend who will be able to do it but if you dont need a ID then i can just send it to any of my friends houses lol
  14. I hate it when glass takes the leap of faith
  15. I have heared of that, site looks promising.

  16. i only said it because many stores sell smoking pieces. i highly doubt that if you really wanted to find a pipe that you wouldn't be able to. it might take a bit of a drive but you can find pipes all over the place. so seeing that "no place near me sells pipes" or whatever seems like code for "i can't buy one." not meant to be an accusation, just what i got out of reading the op.
  17. lol yeah its like by pipe commited suicide xD
  18. nah i just havent lived here long and honestly have never seen or heard of a place close to me that sells decent ones. and its not like im in a huge hurry to get one i smoke joints more anyways but i still want one =]
  19. you know, if your not in a hurry, and your into crafting, make your own glass bubbler. its fun, time consuming, but fun. and when you hit it, its kinda laced with that "I MADE IT" drug.
  20. how would i go about doing that? i have about a month till i can smoke again so i have some free time :p do you know a guide or somthin on how to make one? i still want a glass spoon but this sounds interesting =]

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