Today is a good day to get high...

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    Today is a good day to get high.

    I already had a fight with my dad, and the day hasn't even begun yet. (It's 9 AM)

    I need to chill, and return to a calm state of mind, before I say, or do something really stupid.

    Fortunately I have plenty of weed to smoke, and I have plenty of places to enjoy my high.

    And the weather is cooperating, it's not so hot, may be a bit of rain, but it's very nice and cool today, so... I think it'll be a good day to just drive around and smoke some weed.

    I also have a camera, so... I can take shots along the way... see if I capture anything interesting.

    People are just full of hidden intentions. On the surface, they're saying one thing, but inside, they mean another.

    I am sort of pissed at my business partner because I think he's trying to take advantage of the company.

    In a nutshell, he wants to work less, and get more money.

    What's annoying about it, is that he's using a fucking shallow tactics, if you can call that a 'tactic' at all.

    Like a child...

    I fucking hate dealing with people like this... who thinks they're so fucking deep and smart... when their intension is so fucking obvious.

    My dad asked me the first thing in the morning,

    "Do you ever worry about the business situation?"

    And the way he said it was as if he thinks I'm having a good time and never think about work, which is not entirely true.

    So I told him,

    "Do I worry? Of course I worry. I worry every fucking minute."

    And he said,

    "So what are you going to do about it? What's your plan?"

    And I said,

    "I told you many times what I'm going to do. If you just listen to anything I say, you will know."

    And we were like,

    "Fuck you..."

    And then the business partner comes to work, late as usual.

    And he says some incredibly stupid thing, and I say,

    "I don't know about you, but I'm just going to do whatever that needs to be done, and if it doesn't work out, I'll actually take responsibilities for whatever fuck ups that happens."

    People are so fucking afraid of being responsible. They think being responsible means being stupid.

    People are afraid to say anything that they need to be responsible for afterwards. So they never say anything. All they say is garbage that's like fucking useless.

    They never say,

    "I'll do this." or "I'll do that."

    because in case they can't do this or they can't do that, then they have to be responsible for it.

    And they think saying such thing is just being plain stupid.

    Well, I am a fucking stupid then cause I'm telling you, I'm going to save the fucking economy.

    Not just my company's economy, but the world economy as well.

    Fuck... people should think BIG.

    Fucking shallow narrow minded asshole... I don't mean my dad, but I mean my business partner and a lot of other people.

    Anyway, today is still a good day to get high.

    The end.
  2. I know what you mean man. People are stuck up in their own greed.

    But hey, we can't control everything, just ourselves. I overwhelm myself because I over think things and I have to remind myself that I can't control everything that happens.

    Well have a nice smoke, def the best way to cool off
  3. Im gettin high right now...

    It sounds to me like u need more than just a smoke though. A few drinks might help a bit too. :D
  4. I have no problem smoking since the morning, but I am not 'alcohol-hard' enough to handle drinks since the morning...

    I must say, this is why I love GC.

    I can just... let out my worries, and friends will give me encouraging words... and give me a pat on my back.

    Thanks man. I appreciate it a ton.
  5. Everyday is a good day to get high
  6. Thats what I thought when I read the title.
  7. It's true I can't control everything... just myself.

    Sometimes I'm worried that I can't control a lot of 'outside factors', but soon I realize it's not really the outside factors that I need to control, but just myself.

    I can't even control myself right now...

    Well, right now I can, but this morning, I lost a bit of control...
  8. toke and choke my man you deserve it :smoking:

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