Today in Freshmen Success I was asked to describe my life dream.

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  1. dont need it, just makes things easier. or it is supposed it. sometimes technology is just a big pain in the ass
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    yeah i'm a lot like you man. i purposely took a leave of absence my first semester of junior year to figure out what i wanted to do, and to throw myself into the real world to learn how hard it'd be... and it was hard. now, i don't need material items, and i'm alot like yourself as described in your post, but let me explain what i did learn i'd need while i had no home or food that one semester:

    I definitely need a car, at least if living in most american cities. I definitely need hot water... nothing soothes my soul more than a hot shower, it's my therapy. I definitely need electricity- i want to be able to cook food indoors, take a hot shower, and yes, either have internet or television... its my main source of education (tv i can do w/out as i only watch discovery, natgeo, history, science, etc... but i need at least the computer to get online or what those kind of shows... you do need to kill time, and i've gotten too used to having at least one of these).

    I don't need a phone, but its convenient as hell. fuck facebook. i only drink coffee and water. i need weed. i need my guitar. i don't need, but i really would desire to keep my recording studio to keep writing/recording my music (and computer to keep working on book.) I need my pen and pad. Basically, i'm not really materialistic, and i understand true happiness is found within, and from intrinsic feelings like love, self-gratification, etc, not from money or how much "stuff," you have. However, i also understand that my life IS relative to the world and culture in which we live, and i will have to accept that and at least be a minor part of it. thats what i learned that semester off (along with a lot of other shit).

    edit - oh yea, i also need good food. thats huge. i was constantly sick that semester off from such a poor diet.

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